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 athiest's what is your reason for living,what is your purpose (94)

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athiest's what is your reason for living,what is your purpose


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Well, I'm just here for the liquor.

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To live and experience life...what it SHOULD be. Not to just wander laxidasically through it because it doesn't matter compared to some beautiful afterlife awaiting me.

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To be happy. Try and make a positive contribution to society. Learn. Do people who believe in god have some other reasons/purpose?

Cambriel(711) Clarified
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Nah, actually the same as that.. But, we just want to make the best of everything in our life while following the commandments. Just an opinion

To give theists a hard time ;)

Theist, what is your purpose for living? So that you can die and go to the after life? Great reason....

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I add my own purpose to life. I do not need to be dictated by a religion to tell me what is right or wrong, what is real and what is fake. As there is no evidence to prove of a 'god', I'd like to continue philosophizing my own ideas and where they will lead me.

My ideas have no evidence for truth, but as far as religion is concerned, they are most likely right.

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To be the best I can be, and find questions I haven't answered yet.

Axmeister(4317) Disputed
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What defines the "best person you can be"?

Elvira(3445) Disputed
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Exactly that- test my limits, make myself stronger and be able to see the reason behind actions.

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The same reason why animals want to live...

Jamador88(125) Disputed
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Lol Why would you set yourself up to be compared to animals??

Banana_Slug(845) Disputed
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We are just smarter apes, nothing more nothing less.

If you thing that you have been created by some invisible wizard as a toy when he had nothing to do ...and who especially cares you you have sex with ... enjoy your delusion :D

Facadeon(510) Disputed
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Because we are animals? ...

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Well, how does believing in God change your purpose for life. If it does then that means that the reasons that religious people live in simply to go to heaven and fulfill God's wishes. Then wouldn't everyone be a priest, nun or somehow work for God. And no one would sin, even though everyone has human temptation. Does this mean that anyone ho doesn't work for God is either atheist or agnostic?

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Having sex,again and again then kill people then grow up to a super star if you catched up you know what i mean by super star

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I'm an agnostic. I have no idea if this is our only life or if there is an afterlife too, so I want to live my life on Earth just in case it is all I have... plus, strong Christians would claim that I am going to hell, and if that is true, I need to enjoy this life while it lasts.

My sole purpose is to find Chuck Norris and evaporate liquid nitrogen in his eyeballs. Then I will turn to dust and float off to my home planet of Altarina...

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To be happy! I live for the moment! Christians live to serve their God in hope they will be let in to heaven. Religious types aren't the only friendly helpful people on this earth. Atheists like to help people too. Not for selfish reasons like ensuring we are happy in the after life, just because as atheists, you get one shot at life. Why waste it?!

Jamador88(125) Disputed
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So basically YOLO right? lol it is a choice....but why risk the possibility of eternity. a smart person looks at all possiblities and chooses the best one, not the one that is for "living in the moment".

Jungelson(3954) Clarified
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I hate when swagfags say "YOLO" because it's so moronic. The whole principles of life is that you only get one shot, and giving an excuse for doing something stupid by saying "You only live once" makes you want to shout at them" YOU DON'T FUCKING SAY!" I know I only live once, so all these swaggy bastards trying to be deep and philosophical is intensely irritating.

This is a complicated question to answer. From a religious standpoint, I believe you want to know what our equivalent of 'God's chosen role for us' is, and the answer to that is that we (I, at least) do not see the necessity for a reason. We just are.

On the other note of what my purpose is - to give as much to the world as I possibly can. I intend to do this through several means; I wish to become a physicist and further our knowledge base on the most complex and important concepts, I wish to use my mechanical mind to improve technologies across a vast array of industries, I intend to use my aptitude with the English language to become an author, with the inclusion of allegory in my literature to impede any societal tumours I come across.

I also intend to raise several children to be responsible, sensible and decent human beings, a service to our species which is performed by few these days.

A concise summarisation of my philosophy could be to Google: 'Objectivism'.

I desire to live as a flame desires to burn. In other words, it's not some driving desire or sense of purpose or defining goal or some other reason that motivates me to keep living from day to day and doing what I do. Living just seems to come naturally to me, and I don't really have to put a whole lot of thought into why I should keep going, just like a flame doesn't put a whole lot of thought into why it burns something.

Dying is a lot more natural because it lasts longer ;)

NO reason

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It's amusing to me that theists question where atheists find purpose in their life. I believe in doing unto others and living virtuously as much as any theist.

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To have fun, enjoy life and make the most of every breath. You only get so many cycles around the sun, use them and make an impact. Enjoy it while it lasts.