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michiganboy's Reward Points: 35

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate View of a Man V.S. View of a Woman
1 Added Argument Who would you go see?
3 Created Debate Do you personally believe that people get jobs based on looks not experience?
1 Added Argument Is torture ever acceptable?
4 Created Debate Is kid rock the best musician out right now?
1 Added Argument That schools should be allowed to drug test students.
1 Added Argument Do you like this video?
1 Added Argument Should they legalize assisted suicide?
1 Added Argument Should political leaders be openly religious?
2 Added Argument Stand by your country
1 Added Argument Is someone racist if they don't approve of multi-racial dating?
1 Added Argument Could North Korea/ China invade the United States?
1 Added Argument The arguments for and against the use of the death penalty in a morden society.
5 Created Debate Should kids learn about the civil rights movement in school?
1 Added Argument History can never be anything more than an intelligent guess at what the past was like.
1 Added Argument Are the lyrics important in music?
1 Added Argument Students, Schools, and the Pledge of allegiance
1 Added Argument What was the best decade for music?
1 Added Argument Do u think being gay/bi/lesbian is a trend or people are just more comfortable coming out?
1 Added Argument Can science and religion co-exist?
1 Added Argument How Will George W. Bush Go Down in History?

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