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1 point

I destroyed any hope of communism or even long term socialism and as usual your response is a nitpick at wording or grammar. Nice way of addressing and rebutting you have there. You quite literally didn't address or rebut a single thing here.

2 points


No, not nation and not race. Has Israel been a state for 6,000 years? Are there blond haired, blue eyed Jews?

Jews are an ethno-religious group who's identity is more formed by the culture/religion than their actual DNA because Jews are incredibly diverse genetically. This is common sense. You're a retarded white atheist cunt and the most Jewish thing about you is being a culture fanboy.

1 point

You literally just said "nature isn't the default condition". Stop contradicting yourself, twat.

You are deliberately poorly interpreting what I say to piss me off again because you can't actually argue with it and you're a retarded satchel of cunts.

COWBOY33445(34) Clarified
1 point

If we are the ones who create the reality in which we live, then there's no feasible reason to allow an intergenerational class system to flourish.

Nature creates the reality in which we live. The fact that nature makes it infinitely easier for fascism to exist and infinitely difficult for communism to exist (at least for a species like humans who aren't hive-like) is my argument. If you think about the implications, it means that if you stop the holocaust on earth there are still trillions of them happening in the universe thanks to nature assuming more communism friendly "builds" aren't the norm for advanced life. Even so, their collectivism may not be moral by human standards and in fact would be bound to devalue the individual if there's even such a concept as "individuality" for them.

1 point

Black people are the ones who on average believe whites are more racist than they are, thus hold animosity towards whites and are effectively racist. 99% of whites are afraid to be seen as racist but not actually racist at this point.

1 point

we just have to live with racism

Yes, we do. Attempting to micromanage the entire existence of racism out of existence will directly result in oppression and racism as we try to systemically give privileges and special protection to people who are underprivileged or seen as under threat from racism. We already have a culture in the west where there are double standards about what people can say and where anyone other than a white straight male has an advantage over them in getting a job or being treated well in court.

Racist movements will arise in backlash and be given actual, legit ammo when it comes to getting recruits because the "anti-racists" will legitimately be oppressing whites. You will cause more white racists to be created in backlash and in backlash to that the anti-racists will get more aggressive and before you know it Excon has started a race war because he wants to delete the existence of racism from nature.

1 point

So men are BETTER drivers, and women are SAFER drivers. You are trying to conflate these two distinct and separate concept

No because the most important part of mastering any skill is to not die from using it.

COWBOY33445(34) Clarified
1 point

1) The state doesn't wither away because there is infinitely more room for power seeking types to gain control of the state than there is for cooperative types to go against their nature by forcing everyone else to become cooperative types when most people are somewhere closer to the middle by default.

2) The fact that wealthy families can hoard their wealth is perfectly allowed by the reality in which we live. Nature isn't the default condition, it is what dictates conditions. The nature of the reality in which we live facilitates inequality to the extent that it fundamentally resists equality.

0 points

Jacque Fresco wasn't some peace guru, he was wired to be cold and calculating. He was a social chameleon and capable of being highly manipulative as evidenced by how he survived moving from place to place, infiltrating this and that gang or group to survive as a teen after running away from home, then infiltrating and manipulating other groups including the KKK as an adult. Imagine what he said and did to be accepted by those groups even if he ultimately disagreed with them. His original sociocyberneering thing is the actual RBE and is socialism orientated technocracy as opposed to the rebranded venus project which presents itself as socialism first and technocracy second. The Venus Project is the mass appeal friendly presentation of what is really the work of a human robot who sees everything as a mechanism.

COWBOY33445(34) Clarified
1 point

Has anybody been able to produce a different system other than capitalism in the last 300 years? In the 300 years before that, was anybody able to produce a different system other than feudalism? In the 300 years before that, was anybody able to produce a different system than monarchism?

All of those systems have 2 things in common which socialism doesn't. 1 they were actually implemented successfully after being thought up and 2 they all allow (yes, allow) humanity to be unequal as it is by default and as all of nature is because asking things to be fixed in a state of equality rather than fluctuating and differentiating is like trying to stop every river on earth from flowing. It isn't just a matter of progress but going against or with the grain of nature itself.

most people are still usually more willing to stick to the devil they know.

Most people are hopelessly shortsighted thinkers who I have no issue with allowing to be peasants while I sit on my throne above them.

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