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Should people be imprisoned FOR punishment or AS punishment?


FOR punishment means that it's up to the institution to inflict punishment. 

AS punishment means the sentence itself IS the punishment.

In one, prisoners are treated humanely.  The other is a house of horrors.. 


FOR punishment

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AS punishment

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Well, insofar that prisons are places where convicted criminals are legally held as a punishment for their crimes and the prison authorities have a duty of care for those under their supervision without any powers of discretion with regard to altering the terms of the convict's judicial sentencing it is difficult to see how the two terms do not merge to become one of the same meaning.

In this context I feel that any presupposed difference between the two terms, FOR PUNISHMENT or AS PUNISHMENT is only a matter of semantics.

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I think you should be imprisoned for five years for impersonating a Jew.

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LOL! Good one. I don't like him either.

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