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RSS NormanL

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2 points

I believe that history has recorded FDR and Lincoln as our two best Presidents.

3 points

The atheists that I have met in person and on various Q & A sites have been very tolerant, unlike fundies.

1 point

The public wants to hear the latest and greatest news and that is what sells. But I agree, there should be some follow up to keep important things in peoples minds. Now to answer the question. No, those of us with a reasonable amount of intelligence have not forgotten about the important things.

1 point

The civil rights programs have been in effect long enough that anyone that wanted an education could get one regardless of race. Therefore it is time to hire sorely based on qualifications.

1 point

No, we should have solved that problem by letting General

Mac Arthur take care of the problem

2 points

For the recovery to take place in 2010,unemployment will have to drop, consumer confidence will have to increase, and housing sales will have to pick up. I do not see all three of these things happening, therefore, I predict that the recession will last through 2011.

1 point

The Confederate Flag is not protected by law. The US Flag is protected by law. The Confederate flag is flown in the south from Confederate statues and displayed on trucks and on graves. The NAACP would like to ban it from any public building or property, including monuments and statues. It is presently being flown beside a statue on the state house grounds at the capital in Columbia. They are boycotting the State of South Carolina until it is removed. I think that as long as it is not displayed on the capiton itself, there should be no problem. It is a strong part of South Carolina's heritage and history.

1 point

Most religions prohibit sex before marriage, but encourage sex after marriage. They want you to reproduce to increase their numbers, but only in the sanctity of marriage.

2 points

The recovery is slower that expected. Unemployment remains high. Some states are near bankruptcy. Buyer confidence is still low. This recession will last through 2011.

1 point

Immigration issues and law can not and should not be decided by the individual states. The U.S. government needs to come up with a comprehensive immigration bill.

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