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RSS RoyInnis

Reward Points:29
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1 point

Burritolunch is one of those fools who talks about things but never does anything. He's not real. He's fake yo.

0 points

Ah, but it also killed your first and third points, hence I win four two. Isn't math cruel?

You were crushed in this debate, and never told us about your job.

1 point

Looks like burritolunch got destroyed so much that he had to block the damn guy twice. I guess we don't get to hear about the job he claims to have.

0 points

What is good about capitalism?

A)If you work hard, you can lead a very good life just like millions of others before you.

B)It created the wealthiest nations and the highest average household income in the history of planet Earth.

0 points

Democracy is Idiocracy

True. That's why we aren't a Democracy and ARE a Constitutional Republic that attempts to prevent mob rule, giving every area of the country a say.

1 point

He takes on the news media and does not back down, exposing bias and agenda-driven journalism intended to run him out of office.

1 point

Poor Trump …. he needs a win, and Nancy says: "You've offered nothing to deserve it, DONE nothing to deserve it, giving BACK, temporarily, what you've taken …. that you promised you WOULDN"T … shouts NO DEAL!

What's your point? She's blocking funding for a barrier she herself propose and is blocking dreamers from getting amnesty. Try explaining that to people who aren't receiving their checks and the dreamers.

1 point

Liberals are a misguided group manipulated and controlled by people who aim to destroy them. It's like watching a victim of abuse stay with the abuser and make excuses for him until one day they don't wake up.

1 point

When I presented this information, I was told that counting only Federal prisoners will screw the stats

In what way?

though that person declined, when asked, to explain why that would be or why federal numbers are necessarily higher.


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Winning Position: Girls find him creepy
Winning Position: Yes
Winning Position: We still evolve forward
Winning Position: No because the enemy had it

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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