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RSS Mileyno1fan

Reward Points:12
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

definitely miley!!!! miley is always true to herself and doesnt fake anything!! she might look wild to any one who doesnt know her but we smilers know her! she is kind, fun-loving, has a BIG heart and is amazingly talented! did you hear her cover of "jolene"? she has a voice of an angel! her vocals are strong unlike taylor! taylor s voice is good but not like miley! strong and touching! miley is friendly and loveS everyone! no matter from what nation! and if you say that she is not talented, how come her success is HUGE AND WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! she and justin bieber are the king and queen but tay, i mean, she only mocks her exes in her songs! but she is pretty, i got to admit that! and miley is much more prettier! both of them have something special, but miley is the BEST! she is perfect in both acting and singing! she can pull off anything! i mean, for example, her new haircut, imagine taylor doing that haircut!!!!!! barf time!! so, MILEY IS THE BEST AND WE SMILERS ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR HER!!!!!!!!! go miles!

1 point

definitely harry! i am not in love with him or want to marry him though! don't get me wrong! and i am not a big fan of one direction! but they asked this question, i have to go with harry! duh! he is so cute!

1 point

i agree that the Beatles are great! and no band can reach their level but lets not forget one direction! i mean they are the biggest boy band in the world and they did reach the top! i am not a big fan but they are talented.

1 point

of course not! jesus is evil! the only god is Allah. jesus will be tortured for his evil work by Allah and all those who believe in him! use your brain people!

1 point

hahaha! heck no! are you kidding me! ghosts are nothing but imagination stuff created by those who want to make people scared and get money!

1 point

i have to go with demi cause to be honest, she suffered alot to reach the spotlight and i feel sorry for what she has been through but she has a Strong character and i respect that!

1 point

selena! selena is cute! i dont get why she is getting a lot of hate letters lately?! but anyway, she is REAL CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL! but miley is much beautiful! miley is beautiful and hot but selena is cute and adorable!

1 point

first cause i LOVE miley cyrus! and, if you forgot, she is AMAZING! or should i say in the modern way, AMAZAYN! she is a POP SENSATION! i love my name and pic!

0 points

if i had to choose between these two, it would be selena gomez without a doubt! she is my second fav star (no1 is miley cyrus)! she is sweet, cute and loves everyone! she deserves to be loved! i dont like avril!

1 point

definitely not miley! are you crazy! she is TERRIFIC! how come she is a WORLD WIDE KNOWN POP SENSATION if she is annoying?!?!? ke$ha is the one who annoys me!

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