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RSS Nomihomi

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1 point

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1 point

im not referring to anyone as a false prophet , it is your own book tha is referring to false prophet who would die , so none of the muslim prophets i.e. moses , jesus , mohammad etc. were spreading false messages so it none of them died , so it means that islamic prophets are true ! as mohammad knew of the prophets , yet before had he never heard of their names

1 point

ok he was not a jew , but false prophets means prophets spreading false messages , if he were jew than he would be spreading the right message but he was not and yet was spreading the right message

1 point

these things that u wrote are part of the proof that islam is right , first of all do u really follow a religion ? if so than which one , i would seriously say that u r a gay , cuz u are worshiping cocks , and as u know that god made adam and eve , not adam and steve , and that makes u against every religion , therefore u know nothing about religion , then why debate ? it is because people like you like to come in wherever you can , u say there is no proof that the oly prophet muhammad sa tore the moon apart , than there is also no proof that there was ever a guy named john or mary or even jesus himself , if you go that way everything would come out as impossible , i believe in lies ? than what do u believe in ? the pope that use a crooked cross as evil ? i would like to stress upon the fact that as u say i believe in lies , than where is the truth ? in worshipping cocks ? no islamic sects ? of course there are huge sects in islam but only 2 major , unlike the christians in which every christian has a new sect for himself .

1 point

yes , but if he was god , then he would control the world , god doesnt only control a town or a village , but the whole universe in fact , and as you speak about the fact that what you speak of is the last and only true holy prophet Mohammad (S.A.).

1 point

Even the Bible says this in Deuteronomy 18:19. A false prophet would die!!! Yet Prophet Mohammed did not die till he completely conveyed, and taught Allah's religion.

1 point

if that is the fact , then why does TRUTH vanish when it comes to palestine or afghanistan or iraq or kashmir ? why does it only come where people get a chance to fight ?

0 points

ok , lets get it over with

when rome was about to lose a battle against persians , in surah rome it was said that romans will win , and they didwhen the whole world thought tht rome is defeated for Persians had reached Jerusalem but then Romans did come out victorious in the end

look at this photo , a proof that the moon was torn apart in 2 by prophet mohammad (S.A.) who was the greatest person ever ,and that is islamic proof !

now look at this

not even yet ? rocksajdah7bt.jpg

they both bowing down to towards the holy kaaba

most of all , you need a clear heart to understand a religion

people like you , who dont have facts themselves to prove their statements , can never understand a religion , you cmoe on to fight when it comes to religion , but know nothing about it .

it is not really easy to do that , but where we as true muslims know that god said , " the non muslims' people will be provided miracles and it will make them go even deeper into dis believing" and you think that your god is true ? you think that there can be a hundred gods ? or even 2 ? that is impossible , god is something that can not ever be matched , and you match it with another eternal force that cannot be defeated , oh my god , havent you taken this man to his end ? that is where you cross the lines , dont you think that if you guys with gods "accident" (an accident by god can not occur , in fact) were created as the worlds biggest religion ? than the answer is that god created a religion that was created "600" years after yours , and yet it is the most followed religion on earth(depends upon if you agree with the true facts)and even that with your religion that has a lot of sect , or may i call religions , in it , seriously you do not follow what has been made by the one and only god

may ALLAH be with us , and you

1 point

if you dont agree then let it be , but what facts do you have to prove jewish and christianity are true ?

2 points

yes , agreed , there are even differences in religions different parts , like sunnis , shiites , catholics and etc.

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About Me

"i can not be beaten at debate :P and that is another fact , just like the fact that nearly all my arguments are based on facts"

Biographical Information
Name: noman durrani
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Pakistan
Religion: Muslim
Education: High School

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