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A practical answer would be no. The science community does not accept hypothesis that have no evidence supporting as well as hypothesis that are virtually unprovable and irrefutable. Both of which the concept of god is.

A technical answer would be that since it is irrefutable and unprovable, we cannot say. Though anyone who says god is real is kidding themselves since there is no evidence suggesting their claim.

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God this is so vague. If, here, intelligence refers to IQ, then seeing as how a vast majority of christians assert that the the biblical god exists (mostly with horrible inductive arguments) and that the bible is a good record of history and how the universe works, I would like to argue that the thought proceses and logic of religious people is visibly fallaciousand their intelligence is inferior to atheists who, on an average, scrutinise all assertions before making any decisions or arguments.

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Impossible to predict. There is no way to say for sure at any point in time before one of the two actually happen. But if I were to make a judgement on the gods of popular religions, then definitely science refutes god. Science rips apart most of the stories and statements regarding reality in general, in the bible as well as the Koran. The most scientifically consistent religion is hinduism, and even that has ridiculous tales such as a decapitated boy being brought back to life by attaching the head of an elephant to his body etc. Point is science and religious gods are like oil and water

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