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Theres no issue of that. No, thats just wrong.
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Do you believe in workers compensation fraud?

Workers' compensation fraud occurs in simple to complex schemes that often require difficult and lengthy investigations.  For example, an employee either inflates the extent of his/her injuries, or simply fabricates injuries altogether. 

Theres no issue of that.

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No, thats just wrong.

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people have to pay taxes for this! somethign needs to be done about it!

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Unethical Business Practice @ Tech Ridge Office Park

NAI Petrous Commercial Real Estate Services, Worldwide

Management at Tech Ridge Office Park is guilty of unethical treatment of employees. In November of 2012, Tech Ridge ended the employment of their lead engineer, (David Louton) while he was on workers comp. Tech Ridge property manager; Joy MacCracken did not inform Mr. Louton that his employment had ended until March 2013, when the doctor released him to work. In fact, she continued to act as the employer in Dec, Jan, Feb, and even in March by handling the doctor/patient reports that were sent to the workers comp. insurance company. When David returned with a release from the doctor,(March 4,2013) he was informed that the company changed receivership in Nov. 2012. Because of this change David lost his job. Joy also said that technically David was never an employee for Tech Ridge. In addition to this despicable behavior, the property manager and NAI Petrous are now acting in ways that prevent Mr. Louton from obtaining new employment. They refuse to sign a reference letter for Mr. Louton, and will not provide prospective employers with employment information over the phone. To add insult to injury, on Dec.20, 2012 (one month after Davids employment ended) Ms. MacCracken sent a fax to verify that David was a full time employee at Tech Ridge, to the apartment manager where he signed a one year lease. David had to skip out on lease, jeopardizing his credit. Tech Ridge management could have prevented this by telling the truth. Tools were stolen, while David was on workers comp. They refuse to replace these personal tools.

David Louton is the engineer who possibly saved lives and property at Tech Ridge back in 2011. In Dec. of that year, there were cranes in the parking lots, replacing heat and air units on the roof tops. David was hired in Oct. 2011, During his first month on the job, he discovered the heating systems were in a dangerous state of disrepair, caused by years of neglect, under the management of Joy MacCracken at Tech Ridge. Because of Davids leadership on this project, 40 roof top HVAC units were replaced on the Blain and Cherokee buildings. While working seven days per week, 12 – 16 hours each day on this project, David was injured, and was unable to complete the inspection of systems on all buildings. So, it is still unknown if the other eleven office buildings at Tech Ridge are safe. But, because most of the HVAC systems on all buildings at Tech Ridge are 40 years old, like those replaced on Blain and Cherokee, and proper maintenance has been left undone for years, there is reason for great concern. The old units that were replaced were discharging carbon monoxide in to the occupied spaces. Any one of these units could have exploded, causing a chain reaction, destroying property and causing death. David also discovered that many building exhaust fans did not work and were still not working when he became injured and left Tech Ridge.

Only 2% of workers comp. claims are fraud.

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Some people will fake an injury so he or she can stay home for a couple of weeks.

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Fraud of any type is wrong and an employee who engages in compensation fraud should be punished for it.

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