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How do I start a home business in this crappy economy?

Advise, please!

With the US economy going to pot and the rest of the world suffering from our mistakes, what can one do?

Without a decent job, a person is tempted to start a business of their own. But is this a good time? How would you go about doing this? Why?

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I've been working from home for a while now, and last month had to get a part time job parking cars. So if you can figure it out let me know. :)

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You have to think about what people would want in an economic downturn and give it to them.

Cheap is king. Undercut a competitor and you should do fine.

Then again, you've been super vague. Who knows what your home business is.

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Actually this isn't about me, specifically. It's the result of several discussions with various persons about what to do about the lack of jobs. Some said going back to school was best and some said "just start your own business." I disagreed with the latter, so wanted to see whether this was a feasible option. So, I'd like some suggestions to pass along to those friends who'd like to do the be-your-own-boss gig. :)

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The problem with going back to school is the lack of scholarships and having large student loans when you are done. I have a PhD and will have a hard enough time finding a job when I am done at my post-doc! Most aspects of the economy are hurting right now, even for those educated, so I am not sure if going back to school will help. Plus, it is hard to get by as a student, too!

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OK I got ya.

I think it's excellent for people to start their own business. But they better know their market. For example, it might be hard to start a lawn mowing business right now considering people are cutting back on expenses.

So the thing to do is this:

1. think about what people need during an economic downturn.

2. think about how you can supply that to them

3. start slow. you don't want to quit your job unless you're 100% sure the side business is bringing in the dollars.

Some ideas that might work are...

- computer repair (people would rather fix the old computer then buy a new one)

- car repair (more people are repairing their cars instead of buying new ones)

- selling information products online ( it just takes awhile to build the list, etc... but a good idea is anything GREEN related)

- become a drug dealer: as people lose their jobs, they buy more drugs! ok this is a joke > : )

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Start a company that repossess things from people who are behind on payments. You will have plenty of work considering how many people are probably going to lose their jobs.

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Hopefully someone has a good answer because I would like to know to.

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Yes, it's actually a great time to begin a home-based business! If all else fails do's fun and easy. An answering service is also good if you have the time. Any computer work...designing sites, keeping medical records for doctors, if you have a trade or degree you can join a site that actually takes bids on jobs you can do...I'll get back to you with the name if you're interested. As to E-bay....usually people unload their own stuff first, get into the flow, then hit the tag sales on week-ends to pick up cheap stuff and sell it can find gems at those sales. Bookkeeping for small businesses is also good if you can keep a ledger. So many things to do with no overhead.

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