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"In the modern world, image is everything". Discuss


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That's what most people care about- having the latest fashions, and things that make their social status look good. People are becoming increasingly materialistic. I do not care what somebody else does with their money. If they have the money to spend fine. It helps the economy.

I do not think that having the newest trends entitles people to act like assholes or makes them better than others.

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Ever see that ugly guy with that hot girl? Money. Money trumps image.

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Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
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That only proves that one can buy an image. It is still an image.

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MegaDittos(571) Disputed
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Ever see an old guy with a hot young chick,his image didn't land her.There are alot of people with an image that once it is revealed they have little money it is over.

"the average millionaire drives a Ford F-150 pickup truck. 80% made their money in one generation, and only 20% had more than 10% of their income come from inheritances. The average millionaire does not drive the latest-year's car, nor does he or she wear expensive clothes. The average millionaire invests around 20% of his or her income annually."

Supporting Evidence: Average Millionaires studied don't care about image (
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even though you look good you might not make a girlfriend cauz 64% women says they don't like boys with job

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Image and wealth. I do not see wealth as part of your image.

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