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Should homework in schools be rid of?

Should children be made to do homework? Is it necessary for them to spend hours at home doing work when they could be outside, with mates, or just relaxing and enjoying themselves? 

Or should they do homework? Is it important that the teacher should know that what they are teaching their students is actually going in their noggin? Should kids do homework because it teaches them self-discipline and planning to a certain extent?


Yes, it gives kids no life

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No, kids need to do it

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Honestly, homework is good for you. It really does help you, and maybe a little homework is OK. We also have to remember, they're at schools for 6-7 and sometimes 8+ hours a day, and need some time to relax and have fun. Kids won't be kids forever. They need time to spend with their families and can't focus on school 24/7.

I would also like to add that I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm at school from 6:50 in the morning (my mom has to drop me off earlier so she can make the train, but school really starts at 7:20) to 3:00 in the afternoon, and as soon as I get home I do my homework/study and sometimes I don't go to sleep until midnight. I don't even play sports or have activities after school other than the gym. (I haven't even been going lately because I have way too much work)

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Good luck 'hanging out with your mates' when you're 40 with no qualifications, noob.

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Who said that kids doing homework directly correlates with them having better qualifications? It may help the cause but it may not be redundant. The chances are that you will have more mates anyway if you spend less time with your nose in a paperback than actually socialising, noob.

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Enjoy clearing my trash for a living.

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How do kids get practice? (especially for Math and Science) It is called homework

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My homework ensures that I'm continuing to learn after I come home from school. It gives kids a chance to review independently, which is also teaching kids to be responsible for themselves. My only complaint with homework is it shouldn't be excessively too much. Yeah, kids need education, but we also need leisure time.

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No because us kids need to learn because if we do learn we will be somewhere in life and if we don't we will be on the corner of mc'donalds begging for money and in the streets and on other corners

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