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It's weird, so they shouldn't It is fine
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Challenge Debate: Should kids be able to date boys/girls that are older than them?

Anyone that is looking for a challenge, give me all you got...

It's weird, so they shouldn't

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It is fine

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I don't see a problem with someone dating a boy or girl that is one or two years older than them, but if there is like a five year difference, I think it is really weird.

Side: It's weird, so they shouldn't
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Kids should be allowed to date people older than them. I'm not saying an 8 year old should date a 13 or 16 year old, but they should be allowed to date somebody older than them.

If I'm 8 years old and born in 2009, but I want to date somebody who is born in like 2010 then I don't see a problem with that.

In addition, their are adults who date are 10-20 years apart so why should a year or two be a big issue?

(I would just like to say, when I have a kid I don't want them to be dating and this is just for arguments sake lmao. Dating while you're a kid is kind of useless and you don't even do anything anyways.... I don't even think they hold hands :P)

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