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Should the 2nd Amendment be taken off the Bill of Rights(US) / changed?

Some people think it should taken off or be changed because people misinterpret the 2nd amendment  and that if its is changed, or even taken off, that the crime rates will drop incredibly. And others believe that it should be kept to itself and nothing should change about it. What do **YOU** think?

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Should be kept to itself

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Having just won independence from an overbearing and abusive government, because citizens were armed, our forefathers purposefully created an amendment, protecting our God given right to keep and bare arms. They had the foresight to realize that the new government they were creating, may some day become overbearing and abusive. Our forefathers realized that, when in the course of events, the US government must be replaced, citizens must be armed for the occasion.

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Chuz-Life(497) Clarified
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Dude, Seriously.

This belongs on that side--------------------->

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all people in the 1700's had iQs of less than 70. What makes you think that they would know what is best for our society today? All the gun nuts are running around raping and killing and the police can't do anything about it. Guns do nothing except spread injustice. If one looks at the wording in the second ammendmant, it could even mean having the right to wear sleeveless shirts or hang bear arms on their walls. all you conservatives should go back to your inbred holes and trailor parks to do some actual research. Are you even credited?

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Adetka(1) Disputed
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This is wrong on so many levels. First off all the people in the 1700's had the same IQ as we do today for example Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin both had an IQ of 160 and both were adamant supporters of the second amendment. Secondly there is no evidence that gun owners or "gun nuts" are any more dangerous than your average human. In countries where guns have been heavily restricted or banned there was no statistal drop in crime after the ban. Take Great Britain or Luxomborg both have some of the strictest gun laws in Europe and both have some of the highest violent crime rates in Europe. And I see no reason why we shouldn't have the right to sleevless shirts personally.

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The Second Amendment should be removed from the Bill of Rights because it has no relevance to the 21st century.

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You can take my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers ;)

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The 2nd Amendment wasn't made so that rednecks could go hunting or so that people could shoot each other, it was made so that citizens could defend themselves against criminals and oppressive governments.

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I find it amusing that the elitist actually "believe" they can take the "right" to bear arms from American Citizens by proclaiming guns, ammo etc. to be illegal. They seem to forget that a gun is nothing more than a tool / machine and many Americans have the ability to make crude guns with commonly found items and with the right set up can fabricate just about anything.

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People not accused of a crime should be able to buy anything.

If their planning to cause a crime thats conspiracy to commit a crime, which is still a crime. And being that you cant accuse the entire country of conspiracy to commit a crime without looking like a horses ass, theres no point in even suggesting it.

Oh, and dont assume i think the law gets it right all the time. Im just informing you of the legal procedure your trying to circumvent by amending someone elses bill of rights.

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i think the 2nd amendment is pretty clear in what it states:

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Sure if you want 1776 all over again. The right of mentally stable people to bear arms should never be infringed.

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