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Where were all these outraged Democrats regarding Hillary and Obama? No prosecutor!

It's quite amazing how these extremist Democrats do not even pretend to be fair minded when it comes to their proven scandals.

When Democrats were in charge, there were no special prosecutors going after Loretta Lynch's plane gate with Bill, no prosecutor going after Hillary's proven corruption, no prosecutor for Obama's connection to Putin, no prosecutor for Obama knowingly sending Government emails through Hillary's private server, no prosecutor concerning IRS taking political sides with Democrats, no prosecutor for Obama's connection to Fast and Furious, no prosecutor for Russian getting access to our uranium through the Clinton foundation donations, etc. etc. etc.

The Progressive hypocrites on this site are a total waste of time to debate because they lack the most basic honesty to admit the hideous double standards. You total jokes!

Republicans have only been in control for a few months and already they were willing to allow a special Prosecutor. Do you see how it works when we have a honest Party running our Government? Democrats have become extremist ideologs who are the most intolerant people on this planet.
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