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Which Direction Will the U.S. Go In the Coming Years?

Socialism or Capitalism, who will win?

Movement towards the left.

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Movement towards the right.

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To the left, absolutely. The last 8 years has been a natural experiment that has illustrated the assets and liabilities of conservative ideologies and policies. One thing that we have learned is that trickle down economics is a dismal failure.

Supporting Evidence: "Its Our Turn Now" -Huffington Post (
Side: We've learned our lesson

The left. You can't even find a viable republican candidate any more who isn't an exemplar of big government, fascist and "progressive ideals." The cards are stacked. The official left, i.e. Obama and the democrats, are just too stupid to realize the economic failures of the Bush administration are reflections of big government, big spending policy.

Side: Movement towards the left.

I predict that the country will move left. Proof of this will be obvious once Obama becomes president.

Side: Movement towards the left.
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