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 Why you think GMOs are bad? or do you? (7)

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Why you think GMOs are bad? or do you?

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What is a GMO? Sorry for being ignorant...

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Genetically modified organism.

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Thanks! Honestly, I have no problem with GMOs. If the technology is there, why not make use of it to attempt to solve issues like world hunger?

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At work yesterday I had to explain the irony of the label on the salt container, which had a 100% GMO free guarantee; it was a sad day.

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Iondized?; I'm fairly sure nobody is going to get that?

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Tbh I think we should just grow food naturally and stop fucking with our food supply. Also the pollen from GMO's can be patented, leading to the monopolies we see today. The pollen also infects normal crops that honest farmers are growing, and thus leads to it being 'owned' by such monopolies and means the farmers are sued, since the GMO's are patented.

We have, for around 10,000 years, genetically engineered our food supply. We also use viruses, deadly fungus, venom, poison and radiation to do amazing, beautiful and wonderful things. I think the majority of anti GMO (ers) are being emotionally manipulated to fall in line with some extremists agenda, ego and even greed (yes organic growers and organizations are capable of greed). It’s always good to know all views and to make sure the reason for disliking something, as amazing as GMOs, is not just because they are( at least in their mind) synonymous with a certain corporation, they are not.