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Yes,kids should chew gum No,kids shouldnt chew gum
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should kids chew gum in class or not

teachers and staff say gum is bad but some say gum helps kids concentrate!

Yes,kids should chew gum

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No,kids shouldnt chew gum

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yes because it help people to condenser in what they are doing in class so yes they should allow gum in class because it help people consendtrade and yes they should !!!!!

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I think they should eat gum in class because it keeps them focused and it helps with headaches like if you get a bad headache you chew gum and you'll be fine. We should have gum in the class but Teachers should make a deal....... If in 1 WEEK there is no gum in the floor or under the chair or in any place than they will have you eat gum in class!

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Chewing gum helps with cognition. For example, if you chew mint gum during math class every day, then chew the same mint gum during the test, you will remember more of what you learned during the classes.

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No. They stick it everywhere and then the janitors get pissed off

Side: No,kids shouldnt chew gum
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No, at school we were told chewing gum was a filthy American habit.

Side: No,kids shouldnt chew gum