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 teacher give student so many homework (3)

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teacher give student so many homework

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As it seems to the title you have made to this particular debate seems to suggest otherwise. If you truly think that teachers gives too much homework then you should be able to use proper grammar when creating this title. Therefore on this one and only point means that they don't give it enough to students to where they fully understand and learn what was taught. Which leaves me to say good day to you sir.

give too much homework

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From the title I can only assume that you don't get enough; no capital letter on 'teacher', no plural for either teacher or student, using 'so many' instead of something vastly more adequate that actually makes sense ('a lot of', 'too much' or 'copious amounts of' would be more suitable) and not even a full stop at the end! Go back to school. You need it, apparently.

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