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Atrag's Reward Points: 5360

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is this CreateDebate, or CreateHate???
1 Added Argument If you wanted to know what a Jew IS, would you ask a person who HATES Jews, or a REAL Jew?
-1 Downvoted Argument
1 Added Argument Nom aka Conservanazi has been on the site for at least 36 hours straight
0 Added Argument Who Is The Senior Nazi? Bronto Or Amarel?
1 Added Argument Heil Conservanazi, Atrag, nom, Avesatanas, Factology, Ramshutu, Quantumhead
5 Added Argument Why are right wingers TALKING about Marx while Trump COZIES up to COMMUNISTS?
1 Added Argument Do unborn people have the right to live?
1 Added Argument Did Trump just throw America UNDER the Russian bus??
2 Added Argument Opinion on the cause of autism?
2 Added Argument I know where my Amazon package is, so how did Trump LOSE the children??
1 Added Argument Atrag is Nomenclature, Quantumhead, Ramshutu, Conservanazi, Factology
1 Added Argument Should same sex marriage be legal for consenting adult humans?
2 Added Argument Who is more stupid? Dana or Outlaw60?
-1 Downvoted Argument Everyone who doesn't agree with me about everything should be burned at the stake
1 Added Argument I want to be a prolife vegan.
1 Added Argument Is ripping children away from their mothers a good thing?
1 Added Argument Did this video change your life too?
2 Added Argument If the Jew haters post that I'm not Jewish a 100 times, will that make it true??
-1 Downvoted Argument Are you prochoice or prolife?
1 Added Argument Are you prochoice or prolife?
1 Added Argument If the Nazis had won the war, would I be alive today?
2 Added Argument Wales to now teach "LGBT Education To Kindergartners"
1 Added Argument Should torture be abolished?

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