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Dermot's Reward Points: 3653

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1 Added Argument I'm resetting my ban list to just a couple people who refused to be honest or non vulgar.
1 Added Argument Trump SAID the shooter was NUTS.. But, didn't he sign a law that allows NUTS to get guns?
1 Added Argument Marijuana Should Be Legalized
1 Added Argument Does the UN Rule the World?
2 Added Argument European Debt Crisis Signals Collapse of Social Welfare State
1 Added Argument If 50 cops patroled the east side of town, and 100 cops patroled the west side....
1 Added Argument Why is there a correlation between poverty and crime?
8 Added Argument Why are African Americans more violent than whites ?
5 Created Debate Why are African Americans more violent than whites ?
6 Added Argument My answers to mass killings is gong back to what worked in our recent history. God!
1 Added Argument The orgasmic nature of nomenclature's ass is intoxicating.
1 Added Argument Are Life Spans Long Enough?
1 Added Argument The intellectual cowardice of everyone except me.
1 Added Argument The government should force proabortion women to have their tubes removed.
10 Added Argument Are anti-depressants responsible for some mass shootings?
1 Added Argument Should I buy some fuckbags?
1 Added Argument Are Life Spans Long Enough?
5 Created Debate Is this a display of artistic genius or simply sick ?
1 Added Argument Feminists still don't want to pay for dates or have to ask a man out
7 Added Argument Is Torture Ever Acceptable?
2 Added Argument Should Adults Have the Right to Carry a Concealed Handgun?
1 Added Argument Should Polygamy be Legalized?
1 Added Argument What do you think about this?

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