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1 Added Argument I'm not racist
2 Added Argument Beer, Wine, or Liquor
1 Added Argument I'm an atheist, but I light Hanukkah candles.. Is that wrong?
1 Added Argument Which beverage do you prefer?
2 Added Argument If a man can marry a man can he marry his mother or sister?
1 Added Argument Private Sperming Donation - Would You Do It?
1 Added Argument Convicted child abusers should be forcefully sterilized.
1 Added Argument Clinton Lynch emails released by FBI. What say you?
1 Added Argument Liberal #metoo movement is backfiring, taking out Democrats?
1 Added Argument If Democrats win the House in 2020, should they gerrymander Congressional districts?
1 Added Argument When do kids become adults
1 Added Argument Women were being offered cash to accuse Trump

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