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1 Added Argument Why do liberals fear Conservatives but not gangs?
4 Created Debate I'm back round 3!!!
1 Added Argument How much police brutality would it take to disarm the United States of its guns?
1 Added Argument Trump threatens to annihilate N. Korea, and Kim comes to the table. Connected??
1 Added Argument Shut the fuck up Nomenclature
1 Added Argument Is this forum worth while?
2 Added Argument The idea that there are 70+ sexualities is absurd.
1 Added Argument I AM THE KIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 Added Argument A question for those who support abortion.
1 Added Argument Dear Brontoraptor, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!
1 Added Argument Steve Bannon calls Trump Tower Russian meeting ‘treasonous’ in new book
1 Added Argument The Declaration of Independence

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