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RSS Aki-sato

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1 point

I agree. If no one can have guns, the world would be a better place.

Unfortunately, with the defence department purchasing billions of bullets, it seems the only people who won't have guns are the good people who would rarely - if ever - use them.

1 point

Ok, first off, I don't like guns. They are dangerous if not used properly, and their sole purpose is to hurt things.

Now, with that said, just because I don't like guns, does not mean others don't like guns.

Criminals and sociopaths love guns. Now, do you think that if we take away people's right to bear arms in this country that the criminals and sociopaths will stop shooting people?

Of course not.

Like it or not, guns act as a deterrent to crime more often then not. If we as the law abiding people are left defenceless, then what?

Simple: crime will rise, as the criminals only have to fear the police, as opposed to a home or shop owner.

Shootings will increase, because its easier to shoot someone who does not fire back.

Think about it like this: theft is illegal, does that stop thieves from stealing?

If it comes down to a vote, think about hat your giving up. Once that right is gone, you will never get it back.


1 point

I think the death penalty is an archaic and obsolete form of punishment, even for the crime of murder.

For the record, I think prison is no better.

Here is my take, and why:

1. There are so many ridiculous laws in our country, that virtually everyone is guilty of something. This kind of beaurocratic pressure lowers quality of life, and is one of the causes for increased agitation amongst people. Long story short, when the system fails to serve the people and becomes a totalitarian vampire, vicious crimes will undoubtably rise, due to frustration and perhaps even mental breakdown. Add to that extreme levels of police brutality in the last decade, is it any wonder so many people are reacting in a violent manor?

2. Does the system work 100% every time? Of course not. If even one innocent person is incarcerated or murdered (by the state), that is one too many.

3. Does prison work? Are inmates happy, well adjusted people when they get out? Or are they more angry, bitter, and violent?

When a person is in 'jail', they have to become more cunning, ruthless, and violent just to survive in there. Would you agree that putting an already dangerous person into a survival situation that requires more violence might make them even less equipped to deal with society once they get out?

4. I have to chuckle at the creative ways this government kills people. Electrocution, cyanide, ... What kind if sick people think up ways to kill those that commit crimes? I understand that families who have been victims deserve justice, but allowing the government to doll out murder is ridiculous. It would be more fitting if the victim pulled the trigger, so to speak.

I don't have all the answers, honestly, but a proper reform Center or perhaps even exile to an island might be a better solution. The best solution, of course, would be for society to realize it is on the brink of self destruction, and reform itself before its too late.

1 point

Agreed. I think it is the politicians who wage these wars that should be on the front lines. Perhaps then, they would think twice about randomly poking the bear over trivialities.

To answer the topic question, the best war in history is the one that was avoided.

1 point

Actually, I agree that minimum wage is a cause of unemployment. It is one of the reasons all jobs are shipped off overseas.

However, it is corporate greed and government compliance (as well as a governmental push) that allows these jobs to move out of the country.

Many of these countries have a much lower cost of living, as well.

In my opinion, $7.xx per hour, in this country, is equivalent to slave labour - yet you would have people working for less?

3 points

Generally, I think so. People of any race, religion, or creed all have a dark side and a good side.

I think that Islam has been mis represented by mainstream media, and while I don't think any religious group is without their faults, I don't think that people of the Islamic faith are any more violent then (for example) Christians. From my experience, Christians tend to be more radical in thought then other mainstream religions... This is only a personal observation, however.

1 point

Christmas, technically, is a Christian celebration. It has evolved to some degree into a 'family holiday', which has then matured into a 'time of gift-giving and materialism.

My take on the holiday in general is this:

It has been a part of our culture (America, Canada) since these countries have been founded. Just because we are tolerant of other religions and traditions, does not give anyone the right to take away a part of our heritage under the pretence of religious sensitivity.

If I were to move to the Middle East, and be accepted as a citizen there, I would not expect their government to remove such 'holidays' as Ramadon.

I may not participate in these events, but I would most certainly not put pressure on the country that allowed me to live there to change their way of life because it did not fit with my way of living.

I think that this issue belies a larger one, which is the condemnation of what it is to be an American or Canadian with a family history in these countries.

1 point

The difference is, past eras of humanity at least made an effort to band together... Sometimes against other pockets of humanity, granted.

Today, especially the young (but most of us to some degree) have started caring only about our own selfish desires. Latest iPad? Yes, worth waiting in line for. Helping someone on the street that was just mugged? Nah, gotta get to that lineup for my new iPad, so I can brag about my new swag.

Therefore, the tolerance you speak of is a tolerance of ignorant, greedy, uncouth morons and big business that create said morons.

No offence, but do you not think there is poverty in the world?

America is on the verge of economic collapse (due to corporate greed, mainly) and over 45% of the population are licking food stamps for dinner (pun intended).

Perhaps Americans have accepted this as the norm, as we have become very tolerant.


1 point

Agreed, to an extent. If society was already in trouble, the Internet certainly was the gasoline to the flames.

It has enabled, however, some people to report on truthful facts that most defiantly would not have been reported on mainstream tv.

It is a double edged sword, but I believe it is more harmful then helpful, overall.

1 point

Because, we are caught in the same trap as you are. I used to love technology, still do actually... But the ways it is being implemented into our lives is problematic.

We are pretty much forced to use cell phones, the Internet, etc.

If we do not use these things, even though they have become a blight on modern day society, we get left behind. It's like being hitched to a horse and buggy headed for a cliff - if we jump off now, we won't survive, if we hang on we move closer to the cliff (social breakdown).

The only solution is to use the modern tech to change direction as a society. I don't think that is very likely to happen, but if no one says anything, then it defiantly won't happen.

Thus, I sit here and spend some of my time making these arguments.


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