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By very lexis definition, the Modern English term 'science' is a derivative of Old Latin's ‘sciēns,' which literally implies knowledge. Therefore, logic tells me the we learn about our true nature, the more sense we can make of morality in our Larger Scheme of Everything.

Stated in a simpler term, science entails demonstrable evidence, while moral values lack tangible substance but manifest in subtle details that are easily observable.

CLuckJD(2) Clarified
1 point


Despite full agreement with your basic sentiment, I vehemently dissent from verbal attacks on white people who feel otherwise as quite unwise. Not only does it antagonize naive adversaries but 'justifies' their belief in misguided lies perpetrated by false propaganda that all Blacks are no more than ignorant apes unfit to live but as servants or burdens of the white man.

Just as we expect of them, we must make some effort to see life from their perspective. White PEOPLE have NEVER been systematically marginalized or subject to institutionalized oppression anywhere on this planet since time began. Period. EOD (End of Debate over no real disputable points anyway). Some white PERSONS have tasted bitter discriminatory impact of efforts to fix injustices their own kind perpetrate that come back to bite hard long after the fact and far down the line in time. So, it's difficult or impossible for them to see the Bigger Picture.

Although it may understandably hard for white folks to accept, much less admit or face, they might as well bow out with grace just once in their collective lives. NO remotely valid basis exists to compare present socioeconomic status of Blacks to other races in America or most places on Earth.

This self-evident truth lies in our collective past as people who share a common history of unique adverse impacts that reach far and last throughout perpetuity. Moreover, we can't realistically expect white people to comprehend subtle nuances of racism in everyday life, as they aren't subjected to or directly affected by it. At least not in an immediate sense.

Let's keep in real now, Mz. Faw! What man can we ladies truly expect to understand rigors pregnancy, extreme pain of childbirth or menses that faces us on a routine basis for most of our lifespan on earth? But do most men dare suggest ladies are just lazy loafers who leech off them by getting knocked up and then laying in a few weeks before we return to earn a living at work?

In fact, if this exact scenario hadn't played out before, their sorry chauvinist pig @$$ wouldn't be alive to utter such absurd nonsense. Not to mention they don't mind engaging in or reaping a huge dividend of pure ecstasy when they CAUSE many other pregnancies later but sure do whine about child support!


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