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RSS Cinette

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Cinette(2) Clarified
1 point

For all of the debate and discussion, I have not been able to locate the terms "disruptive technology" or "creative destruction". Because without these none of you would have ever HAD a job to begin with outside of a horse and plow on a field in your backyard. How can you disregard these elements in American capitalist society? Companies that pursue FOR profit business have always had to react to disruption. You are not required to like the solution that they apply to the problem. The individuals that sit at the top of the company get to make the really really unpopular decisions and may be paid more to take vacations that are really PRIVATE or pay for some serious SECURITY. Don't go to work for "profit" companies is the answer, but what choice do you really have? This website is somewhat of a time waster. America needs NEW ideas for patents to create new jobs. Disruption is as old as time, whether we like it or not. I would like to see some disruption to keep Americans in their homes. I did read an article about "mortgage insurance", so someone was trying to stem the tide here with impact to American families. I also read that developers were no longer building 2 bedroom 1 bath homes with real yards any longer because they could not profit enough from it. Did someone take a trip to Tuscany and we all decided we needed McMansions? Socialist housing with 4 or 5 floors isn't really popular in the State of CA for obvious reasons. I won't tell you why. We have urban sprawl in the State of CA for a REASON honey, and we haven't forgotten what that reason IS. We are told we are sacrificing for the next generation but we are still trying to raise the next generation. The tech sector demands higher education and more higher education while middle class (redefined) is losing jobs to overseas. It does make one wonder if this is a massive Catch22. Who will be able to afford higher education while losing their jobs to overseas? Can you? The ultimate question here seems to be this "Do you really want to stay home weekends knitting your own underwear" because corporate America can't profit enough from it any longer to pay Americans to manufacture it? Some may find this view simplistic, but it rather "cuts the crap", doesn't it? Oh, I'm sorry, this site was supposed to make for "good fishin" for the ignorant?

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