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RSS GordonRamsay

Reward Points:32
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Everything is based on poker theory.

Everything is based on cooking you bloody donkey.

2 points

I've come to understand that the right wing is synonymous with all the things humanity needs to leave behind on the path towards progress. The more advanced a society is, the more left wing it should be. Otherwise it will inevitably lead to self-destruction, because right wing systems generally do not adapt to new circumstances very well. For example, if automation increases enough it would be a disaster under capitalism, because people would lose their jobs at an alarming rate, but under socialism this would free them to pursue whatever they want. This is because under socialism everyone has access to the means of production, so losing a "job" does not mean losing your entire life.

Same thing, different name.

You believe that "fate" is a random number generator that cycles ones and zeros through Fioras uterus until they come out as code babies. That's totally different from determinism.

GordonRamsay(32) Clarified
1 point

Oh, but you do, it's up to fate whether you succeed or not after all.

It's up to determinism.

2 points

Enjoy being right, I do hope you get 'over and done with for good' when you hit the hay.

I'm going to live forever using biotechnology, I don't need to chase ice mirages and pray to a calculator.

When you rot in your grave, don't mistake being correct for their being an afterlife.

You know you don't know there's an afterlife or some power source at the north pole, so who's really mistaken when you jump to wild conclusions because it gives you "hope" ?

GordonRamsay(32) Clarified
1 point

Have fun typing 'losing' while I'm doing 'winning'.

Have fun thinking you're winning while you eat out alien ass in your own reality of delusions.

When you go to the "kingdom" don't mistake your hallucinations for black rocks and hit an iceberg.

GordonRamsay(32) Clarified
1 point

Do you realise that apart from introducing a new word, you literally brought nothing new to the table here? Instead of calling me an idiot you call me unsane in 10 different wordings. Bravo, repetitive dunce.

Have fun losing the war to come Illuminati puppet.

Ah, so the delusional one with the mentally ill world outlook that justifies itself isn't the alien demigod guy, it's the one pointing and laughing at him who ignores all the others saying 'win' or 'lose'?

It goes back to something Fresco said, about people who are "insane" and people who are "unsane". When you're called "insane" it generally means your thinking is not accepted by society, so Fresco invented the word "unsane" to describe people who are genuinely retarded or mentally ill and distinguish it from the label that society arbitrarily gives based on social norms. So using Fresco's terms, I am very insane, and a little unsane, but you are quite a bit of both. Your specific brand of unsanity allows you to pass by unnoticed by most people but even an average douche who gets to know your true views and persona would know you are unsane, but would call you "insane" because they don't know the difference. Therefore your unsanity is so obvious that even normal people would agree with me, and your way of thinking is both rejected by the general public and true geniuses and intelligent people alike.

GordonRamsay(32) Clarified
1 point

Yeah but a lot of those debates he didn't even participate in and the ones he did still don't necessarily count as "losses" because it's simply up to majority opinion who "wins". You are a piece of fresh salmon to the culinary slicing skills of Gordon Ramsay with a knife.

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Winning Position: Mingi has been here all day, furious at FM and dwelling on it hard.
Winning Position: How good are your cooking skills Mingi?
Winning Position: it won't stick
Winning Position: What is your favorite type of cuisine?
Winning Position: Who here can cook?

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