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RSS SportsAnimal

Reward Points:18
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10 most recent arguments.

No one doubts that you are a leftist to control blacks.

We know which group survival of the fittest would keep in its ranks if not for social programs keeping these loons from extinction.

Have you ever cooperated with someone or considered them your equal? Yeah? Well I guess that kills your "socialism is bad" narrative.

No it doesn't. You, burritolunch, claimed to be rich, not just making money for survival.

Your comparison would only make sense if FrogofLondon was anti socialist while traveling to another country for free healthcare or the equivalent.

2 points

Can you make good energy policy if you BELIEVE oil will last forever??

Show us the realistic other choices. Nevermind, there are none, which is why we keep using oil. Libs would go crazy for years, yelling for it back if oil was yanked from our reality. Libs like to say environmental things to feel good within the hive, but behind closed doors, love every bit of the stuff they carry on about because they are attention whores.

39 scientists who specialise in climate science who say it's a hoax. Must be the ones who don't have to come up with left wing results to get grants and funding. And it's just one list. There are thousands who agree with them who would be on other lists. It also doesn't say how many give no definitive opinion.

Looks like someone is anti-science.

That economy's looking great isn't it AlofRI?

Did the great negotiator NEGOTIATE a great border wall deal?

He proved Democrats will let you go checkless to block a wall they already supported, and he'll get the wall. Twins, he wins twice.

2 points

Are you good if Trump TAKES money from the military for his wall?

Yes. It will save us money on defense, welfare, and free ER visits by illegals.

OMG! Reefergate!! Is Kamala Harris and her Dem cabal DEEPLY involved?

Yep, and she's not practicing that weed socialism she keeps preaching about. Looks like uncontrolled weed capitalism.

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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