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Winning Position: Killed Him
Winning Position: Yup
Winning Position: Can you believe we have Drag Queens talking to our children and parading into Congress?
Winning Position: Who has the smallest penis on CD
Winning Position: Why is Excon too much of a pussy to respond to this?
Winning Position: Which is more hateful, disagreeing with someone or wanting to kill them?
Winning Position: Reason is Excon's enemy, he wants to kill reason
Winning Position: Excon is objectively and undeniably a piece of shit hypocrite whose life has 0 value
Winning Position: Schiff’s Clown Show and the Drag Queen
Winning Position: Did i read there was a shooting in a California school
Winning Position: Yes.
Winning Position: Wind turbines off Ocean City beach are upsetting the Green Democrats
Tied Positions: No he does not have the right. vs. Yes he has the right.
Winning Position: Democrats.
Tied Positions: Deny Everything vs. Interesting
Winning Position: Yes.
Winning Position: FromWithin bans everyone who disagrees with him, while using hate speech. Hypocrite.
Tied Positions: General Zod vs. Moral Integrity
Winning Position: Which Grand Theft Auto was the best, and which was the worst?
Winning Position: It is my right as a human being to have Chinaman charged with hate speech, before a court.
Winning Position: Jews vote for the Democrat Party
Winning Position: How many more Democrats are going to jump in for the 2020 race.
Winning Position: Very Sane

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