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Technology Debates You are browsing through Technology debates. You can refine the results by using the drop-down boxes above. You can view more information about each debate by clicking Show Details at right.

Winning Position: Pro-Nuclear
Tied Positions: AI not a threat vs. AI a threat
Winning Position: good
Winning Position: The Limitless Importance of Social Media Marketing
Tied Positions: Devices are better vs. Books & ntbks are better
Tied Positions: pick a time and stick to it vs. back, back, forth and forth
Winning Position: False
Tied Positions: A.I. is good for humans vs. A.I. is a threat to humans
Winning Position: Yes, they 100% should.
Winning Position: support anonymity
Winning Position: Hypergentics
Winning Position: How does the increase of technology in the classroom impact education?
Winning Position: DA
Tied Positions: Books vs. Computer
Winning Position: I desperately NEED to argue
Tied Positions: 2 days vs. 2 weeks
Winning Position: I'm a TUCKED guy
Winning Position: That
Winning Position: Cool
Winning Position: I don't think that's LEGAL
Tied Positions: Back to oil bront vs. Now what libs
Winning Position: Yup
Tied Positions: Test tube clone baby vs. Regular birth baby
Winning Position: Yep

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