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Allah is one true God.


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Well, okay then if you say so.

Now that that's sorted, what's for lunch?

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Allah is great if you are a man. It’s a paradise You get several women and you control everything they do.

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What is weird about Muslim god is he says sex and booze are bad and worthy of death, yet when you get to Jannah (Muslim heaven), you get...booze and sex...

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The Infinite God of The universe would never tell you to cut girls vaginas off and throw gays off buildings.

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ArnoDorian(47) Disputed
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The Infinite God of The universe would never exist because you're a retard.

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AlphaPot(14) Disputed
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If God doesn't exist then how do you explain the genetic code?

I truly believe the genetic code proves that life did not appear or develop because of a bizarre cosmic accident. Discounting the genetic code, every other code which is presently known to humanity is the product of intelligence. Codes are something which need to be invented rather than discovered. Essentially, since codes hide information from everything which is unaware of the correct algorithm, they imply an intent to communicate specific information to specific places.

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Okay. But what if it isn’t?????????????????????????????????????????

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Each of our religions contradict the others, i believe their is one god...people just have different versions of stories, folk tales, however, some religions are false...hint hint Catholic.....XD but thats just my thoughts.

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Islam is a living Hell if you are a woman. A woman is like a personal slave (and sex slave) and baby factory

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Allah is the Arabic word for God, so It's semantics. Oddly, God has a name in Judaism, but Muslims refuse to use it...Why? Their God is Satan himself...

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Muslims will agree on this

while non-muslims will disagree in a sarcastic way.

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Right, right.

Tell you what, first come up with evidence that any god exists at all.

Then show me why it can't possibly be any god other than your ultra specific one, without using a book compiled by a bunch of guys in the middle east who were probably high on opioids, hallucinogens, or both 2,000 years ago.

Then you get to tell me that you, out of the billions of people with their own imaginary friends, got it right.

'Til then, don't expect anyone to take this sort of thing seriously.

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