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 AlofRI is right wing and racist (7)

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AlofRI is right wing and racist

He thinks America was at it's best during a time of rampant capitalism when blacks couldn't even vote.
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Yes,I recall him intimating some sort of sentiment along those lines a while back.

That was way before you joined the ranks of the CD Madhouse 19 HOURS AGO.

Still up to your left wing tricks there NOM stabbing your old allies in back.


SunziReturns(42) Disputed
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Still up to your left wing tricks there NOM stabbing your old allies in back.

You lack the understanding of how to recognize Nom's typing and trolling style. I am so ingenious I can ascertain his alt accounts and recognize his personality no matter how much he tries to hide it. I know his personality so well I can spot it based on the personality types he PRETENDS to have and how his alts serve his interests or sense of humor. Nom doesn't truly consider Al and ally, and he is the type of gamma-male sociopath who would stab an ally in the back, but you couldn't be more wrong that such is a left-wing thing or that he is "Antifa". Antifa is someone else named FactMachine who almost everyone but myself, Nom, Al and Excon have failed to identify whenever he appears on an alt.

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I am TOTALLY left wing, and I don't care what color or race a person is. I care about the person, his/her/its character, morals (not the religious ones, the societal ones ;-), and decency. I DO draw the line at most "orange people", though.

Well, we ALL have our dislikes. If THAT makes me a racist .... so be it. It takes one to know one. ;-)

SunziReturns(42) Clarified
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I am TOTALLY left wing, and I don't care what color or race a person is. I care about the person, his/her/its character, morals

I can tell you exactly why FM hates you down to a neuro-science level. You never actually explain your thoughts according to the way his brain is wired to process things. I talked to him personally on Discord for a long time and know him better than everyone else here, I can assure you. When you say something about what you think, you either simply state it with no explanation or you talk in examples or jokes. This deeply triggers him because he has a step-by-step logic-based way of interpreting things and wants things to be presented like "this is true because this means this which means this which leads to it being true".

AlofRI(3261) Clarified
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What you appear to be saying is he is narrow minded. I'd feel for him, but I can't reach him. I try to ignore that type of person, they have no sense of humor. But then, they are easy to irritate and sometimes I can't resist ;-).

I was in engineering, not the design kind, I was one of those that went out and corrected the engineering mistakes .... maybe I could re-wire his brain??

19 years ago today (9/11), I was in Zarragossa Spain making some changes in a pneumatic panel. I turned and hit my elbow on a razor sharp electrical tray. A few minutes later we were watching a tower in NY burning after it was hit by a plane. After the second "accident" we shut down the operation, I went to a hospital, got several stitches and a shot. I had to pay a bit 'cause I wasn't a member of their "Socialistic Medicine" system ... I think it came to about $7. Then we went to the hotel to watch CNN. A LOT of people died that day, I know they were of several "colors" and "races". I didn't feel sorry for the people relative to their color or race! They were PEOPLE.

It "deeply triggers" ME when someone calls ME a racist. The "right-winger" thingy doesn't make me too happy either. I hope "his logic-based way of interpreting things" can wrap around what I said to him before, "If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I'd fart!" "This is true because it means this, which means this, which leads to it being true." :-(

I don't believe this is "Nom".

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