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 Cold showers vs Hot showers (11)

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Cold showers vs Hot showers

Apart from cleaning ourselves while were taking showers which offers more health and lifestyle benefits? I believe taking cold showers is better than hot showers. Please leave a reply.
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Hello San:

Cold showers just aren't enjoyable.. I dunno which one is "better" for you, and I don't really care.. If a hot shower is good TO you, it's good FOR you..


outlaw60(15501) Clarified
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Hello STUPID taking a hot shower would mean you have electricity and that energy source is coming from natural resources which is adding to Climate Chaos that is killing the trees and you are on the very verge of running out of toilet paper ! So what is going to happen when your toilet paper is gone because you are adding to the high CO2 levels ?

Cold showers are clearly more enjoyable, especially when the season is cold itself (I'd prefer the water to be equally cold in summers).

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It sure is and it pumps you up in the morning before going to work or college or whatever.

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Some of the health benefits of cold showers:

excon(14555) Disputed
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Hello W:

I'm sure kale has some healthful benefits too, but I still ain't eating it.


WinstonC(1232) Clarified
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Hahaha, yeah I hear you on that one. Nothing beats a hot shower in winter!

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This is the website which inspired me to take cold showers it does make you less emotional and stressed. When testosterone is increased you will build muscle more effectively and become more athletic.

I think age 4 to 15 I prefered hot showers but then i stayed somewhere(instution) where access to warm water was zero zero so i got used the cold till now(over 3yrs).....i don't remember what made me desire hot showers.

But now that you reminded me i might try it again.

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warm showers. HOW BOW DAH

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cold showers are probably more beneficial. the coldness of the water wakes you up and you're not spending much money because you arent using hot water. cold water is also better for you hair and skin so

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Science backs the claim on the fact that cold showers are more beneficial.

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It depends on what the weather is like. If it's freezing and I feel I need a hot shower to get some warmth, I'll take the hot shower. If it's REALLY hot outside and I've been working on the house outside, then I'll get more enjoyment out of a cold shower. Both are equally capable of giving the mind and body much needed relief while providing a good cleanse so I'd say it really depends on the circumstance.