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Goodbye cruel world I will survive
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If i came last in the human race?

If you were the last human on earth would you kill yourself or live as long and as best as you can?

Goodbye cruel world

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I will survive

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I'd probably go insane after 10 years or so. I'd go around looking for humans but never find them. After 10 years of finding no one, i'd probably kill every animal i saw. Just killing and killing and destroying until i somehow got myself killed.

what's cool is that i'm rational enough to actually see myself doing this.

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up vote for honesty

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that sure sounds familiar

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I would find lots of stuff to do at first it may take a couple years but I would end up going crazy and start doing insane stuff until I killed myself.

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Ultimately human instinct is stronger than human logic.

Doesn't sound like an answer, but it is if you follow the natural progression.

There are many cases of people removing themselves from civilizaion, becoming hermits.

Even living for decades without human interaction.

But there's always the knowledge of other people somewhere.

And regardless of the reason for the self-imposed solitude, one cannot compare that to a knowledge that there simply is not anyone else.

One faced with that dilemma cannot live.

Humans need two things to stay what we consider human,

1. hope

2. others to carry on our hope

I'm not talking about food, water, and shelter, any animal can survive on that.

I'm talking about the things that allow our big brains to function with the juxtaposation of both a knowledge of death, and a desire to live.

So faced with the realization that there is no chance of carrying on beyond oneself, one will kill themself, or go insane, and could in that state no longer be called human the way we define ourselves.

Pyg's assesment is one of many dark possiblilities. A killing spree from a normally sane and logical person can be expected, along with suicide from an otherwise depressed person,

One could simply sit and refuse to carry on the functions of life like finding food and shelter,

One could go insane, and think themselves one of the animals they see running around, and act accordingly,

The possiblilities are many, none of them though involve going on normally for the rest of one's individual existance.

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I would stay alive for a long time. A year or two maybe. I would do anything I want, take peoples cars and take food and just go traveling. Eventually, I would be to overcome with depression. I couldnt stand being alone forever.... but assuming I could do whatever I wanted, I could handle it for a little while.

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I'd be one lonely son of a bitch.

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But if i was the last bitch on earth , What would the point of living be ? , to have all the world to myself ? to have no-one to piss off or to have no-one piss me off ? You think im gonna sit here by myself ?, bullshit , i will be climbing over the second last bloke just to catch up.

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I'd find something to screw ;)

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living alone is better then not living at all

"it isn't a pleasent thought. Especially if you're dead, really... ask yourself,if i asked you strait off--I'm going to stuff you in this box now,would you rather be alive or dead? Naturally, you'd prefer to be alive. life in a box is better than no life at all."--rosencrantz from the play rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead

the world is my box i choose to live

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I do not believe that in ANY situation is suicide an option. Even if the entire world's population were to vanish in an instant, and I was left alone, I would continue to persevere and live out whatever lonely life was ahead of me. If the world was wiped out, it could have been for a reason. Perhaps aliens are conducting a test on the sustainable willpower of humanity, and you have been chosen. Perhaps life is just cruel. Either way, being on Earth could possibly begin humanity again. If we're assuming that the world ends significantly in the future, it could be possible to repopulate the world with advanced genetics, etc. And even if we're talking in the present, suicide would accomplish nothing.

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I would make thousands of clones from DNA i found from dead people. Then become the "savior" of the earth.


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Woot clones take over the world!

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I would have fun. Emagine all the things I could do.

But it would get scary. I have scared myself thinking about this before.

Create Debate would be boring though. I guess I would argue peoples past arguments just to keep sane.

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