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RSS Jebedo

Reward Points:58
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2 points

hey. punctuation. is. just. as. vital. as. anything. but. i. have. literary. licence. and. i. choose. to. use. it. as. i. please. besides i know you'll still reply to my arguments/debates you like to argue as do i and it gives you someone to argue with besides your never gonna let me have the last word are you? cuz thats not very fun. and you know that by refusing to answer it only proves that i have a superior intellect and you have crumbled to my logic. (which is the same if you do respond since thats what i said you would) your only hope is to respond with a better argument and refrain from being angry and swearing (i'm not saying you swear) since a being of your intellect should be able to string a reply together to show your intellect.

i await your reply or not you decide.

2 points

it was the origonal manuscript which has been edited out and i've not read it cover to cover just parosed through it

2 points

well the ocean its more uptainable offers more benifets and its easier to get too space is cool but not verry helpfull and takes too long to get anywhere

1 point

not right now we first need to deal with the recession and develop faster transportation before investing in space is worth while there are resources out there but it is not cost efficeint and curently space has no pay offs

-2 points
-1 points

well i'm not a liberal and i'm not sure why that is and the reson i'm even posting is since noone else has and the only way to get people to is to start something besides there needs to be a little nonsense everywhere so in closing i'd like to say a few words





non-saturated fat


1 point

living forevor with just five years worth of memories wouldn't be worth it it would be lonely and kinda sad to not remember anyone five years after you met them

1 point

there are only for possible out comes

1.there is no God and You don't believe

2.there is a God and you don't believe

3.there is no God And you believe

4.there is a God and you believe

well if #1 is right no harm no fowl

if #2 then you end up lost or punished for your non-belief not a very benificial circumstance

if its #3 then you'll live a good life help the world and die with people saying you were a good person

if its #4 then you live like #3 but your rewarded after death and are happy which is benificial

so after that even if there is no God believing would have the most benifit since you wouldn't have trouble with the laws or drugs or other teachings of your religion you can't get hurt for being spirutual or a religious person except where you are persucuted for your beliefs

2 points

well heres my idea if i put it in a fedrally protected bank and get a 2% yearly intrest on it and only take the intrest out it would add 20,000 to my yearly salery whitc is a nice little bonus each that would only take 50 years to eaqual 1 million dollars and that may be a while away but hey i'm young i may actually make it to 50 years twice. that is a little hard to believe i'd actually save it. most likely half of it would be taxed away then all my family would want some so i'd probably buy a house, a car and land and let them fight over the rest

1 point

well firstly notting the projectory of nuclear rockets is highly ineffective so when we prepared to fire russia in particular would arm and wait for us to fire or they may fire early leading to the same results as "ze end of ze world" found on youtube leaving australia saying "wtf mate"

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Winning Position: no its not
Tied Positions: no i want to remember vs. yes i will live forevor
Winning Position: no, he can lift anything
Winning Position: Goodbye cruel world

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Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Mormon
Education: High School

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