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 Obama's Marxism: Poverty causes Terrorism (6)

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Obama's Marxism: Poverty causes Terrorism

In pushing the Marxist vision of economic determinism Obama refused to identify cultural, religious, or social drivers of Islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorism could be prevented through international redistribution of wealth to promote economic development in poorer societies, said Obama. "Similarly, any long-term strategy to reduce the threat of terrorism depends on investments that strengthen some of these fragile societies. Our generals, our commanders understand this. This is not charity. It’s fundamental to our national security. A dollar spent on development is worth a lot more than a dollar spent fighting a war.
So to Barack Obama international redistribution of wealth is not a charity ! Obama speaks to no one but himself any more. The man is mentally deranged driven crazy by his twisted ideology which as we can all see has decimated the Democrat party !

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We need to start a jobs program so they can earn money and pay their way, and regain their dignity. Then we can all sit around a campfire, roast eye of newt topped with cream of yak and sing kumbayallah. Afterwards, we can end it with a big ole hug just to let them know we care. This way, they won't feel the need wage jihad and decapitate us. Problem solved. That was easy.

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I don't see why it is so absurd to say that poverty causes terrorism. Maybe you can point it out to me in my reasoning:

It is more the difference between the rich and poor that I believe is a one of the causes of terrorism.

When people are desperate they will listen to anything that gives them hope or that blames their current situation on someone else. In our case, religion is the tool of manipulation.

What the poor is brought to see is that the rich is taking everything: all sources of food and water. The moment someone is hungry and thirsty, there really is nothing else to lose. If they do nothing they will die; if they fight they could die. That is where their goal comes from: take down the "western civilization" which is essentially where 90% of the World's resources are being consumed.

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O'Bummer just can't help himself when it comes to what he is ! so·ci·o·path

a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

instig8or(3307) Disputed
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All sociopaths are right-wing deep down.

Any sociopath, such as Stalin, who appear to be left wing is simply using it as a means to justify their merciless ways.

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Poverty does not cause terrorism the islamic jihad ideology causes terrorism. Although, Sharia law is the ideology that creates terrorism, and failing to see this is because our president is a people pleaser. in other word he won't Call out islamic terrorism for what is because it will offend people. In addition, he may be accused of being islamophobic, Calling a organization for what it is is by no means islamophobic, it is simply the truth.

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That's typical from this ass licker he spends half his time cowering and grovelling to Muslims no doubt being fed by PC friendly idiots ;

I cringed when I read this part of the article ......

. Islamic terrorism could be prevented through international redistribution of wealth to promote economic development in poorer societies,

That's it the clowns solution to terrorism is give them American tax dollars to spend on development and of course these followers of the religion of ' peace and tolerance ' will spend it on that ?

someone should shut this goon up