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 Starving Venezuelans are Slaughtering Zoo animals for Food (20)

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Starving Venezuelans are Slaughtering Zoo animals for Food

The reality of socialism ends in the slaughtering of zoo animals by malnourished citizens.

The Daily Beast reports:

In a country that once was rich, but where people are beginning to starve, few animals are safe. One morning in August at the metropolitan zoo in the torrid city of Maracaibo, workers were shocked to find the bones of a buffalo and some wild pigs inside their cages with clear signs of mutilation. Thieves allegedly stole the meat to eat what they could and sell the rest on the local market.

In west Caracas, at the zoo of Caricuao district, the same sort of thing happened. Watchmen found the bones and offal of a black horse inside its enclosure. Apparently the perpetrators only took the edible parts of the animal.

This is socialism

If not even the reports of starving Venezuelans killing zoo animals for food can wake up Americans to the evils of socialism, what will?

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The Socialist safeguarders are supposed to ration lots of food to everyone. You mean they didn't? Who could have called that?.....

At least their dear leader is fat and full and has complete dictatorial social control..

Atrag(5501) Clarified
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Opposed to Trump who gives all his money to the needy


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He isn't a Socialist, and we aren't Socialists either. We aren't looking for a leader to ration food and goods. The left is. And depending on a government or dictator to gladly ration food and goods backfires the first time any leader doesn't have that intent. That's why giving the government that kind of social control is madness.

Hitler promised Socialism and preached it, and they gave him omnipotent power. He then did nothing in a Socialist manner. That is why Socialism is insanity.

This is socialism

As this BBC story elaborates, the problems in Venezuela have not been caused by socialism. They are a result of tensions between traditional supporters of the old socialist Chavez government and American-backed opposition leaders who are trying to overthrow it.

I'm bored of this banal 1980s Cold War propaganda where capitalist twerps like you try to blame everything up to and including increased annual rainfall on socialism.

Chinaman(988) Disputed
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Denying starving citizens of Socialism proves you are a fool. Take a flight to Venezuela you might enjoy it.

I can toy with you all night so bring it !

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Denying starving citizens of Socialism proves you are a fool.

Except you are demonstrably the one in denial, proven by the fact that you eagerly ignored the BBC story I just linked that debunks your narrative.

Atrag(5501) Disputed
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Why is it that the majority of this site such idiot:

Idiot: [shock statement]

Debater: [reason]

Idiot: I'm not going to read any argument you make but you're an idiot if you don't believe [shock statement]. Come on debate me!! I will never respond to your actual argument but come on!!!!


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At the least, this should serve as a warning as to what will eventually happen when you give one entity complete social control. You can't predict what will happen. You don't accept that governments and politicians are corrupt and then hand them the keys to omnipotent power. It's pure stupidity.

Hillary Clinton is a prime American sample of what would happen if you gave the American goverment an inch. They'd take a mile. Imagine if they had even more social control... uh .... hell no.

Go start your socialist experiment somewhere else where people don't mind being guinea pigs..

We don't care what you're tired of. Go fuck up your own country.

WinstonC(1226) Disputed
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The BBC story you cite actually is about the cause of the political unrest in Venezuela, not the starvation. I'd imagine a major factor is the fact that oil prices have dropped so sharply and Venezuelan socialism has always been propped up by oil, with your own article citing oil as responsible for 95% of Venezuelan export revenues.

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See socialism is beautiful! They're all suffering together.

Bernie dreams of a country like Venezuela !

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What the people who vote for Liberal socialist types in the Democrat Party don't seem to ever understand, is that when a Government makes it easy to not work and live off the sweat of others, that more and more people join the gravy train while fewer and fewer workers are willing to have so much of their hard earned money redistributed.

This is when there are more people on the dole than there are tax revenues to support them. Kind of like what is happening here in America with our 20 TRILLION in debt.

Conservatives understand a safety net, and catastrophic healthcare, but they have the simple intellect to inderstand we can not enable able bodied people to live off others.

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Anyone for a plate of snappy crocodile soup followed by an elephant sandwich or a zebra burger with french fries?

FactMachine(432) Disputed
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I can tell you don't know anything about marijuana and have never actually consumed it, you are oblivious to the nature of it's effects.

People who are lazy, delusional, stupid, etc. will be that way whether they smoke weed or not, most people who smoke weed are not that way because they smoke weed, they are that way because most people are that way to begin with...If Einstein smoked a fat spleefer it wouldn't make him any less coherent or intelligent, I know this because I smoked marijuana all throughout high school and it didn't effect my performance at all, in fact it increased my motivation and reduced the stress of being around a bunch of people I hated.

Pot smokers do not pose any danger as drivers compared to people who are drunk, marijuana doesn't actually IMPAIR cognitive functions unless your brain has very low THC tolerance or if you are not mentally healthy to begin with

There is no evidence that Marijuana can induce mental illness, just that it can exacerbate symptoms in those who are already mentally ill.

My father smoked Marijuana for 30 years, he was an engineer who constructed medical devices and aircraft parts for the U.S military. Do you think he was a "useless lotus eater in a semi-stupor?"

Your worst offence is that you failed to mention or even consider that there are people who NEED marijuana as a legitimate treatment for disorders such as epilepsy.