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 What is the best way to replace crude oil? (10)

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What is the best way to replace crude oil?

Everyone know what that crude oil is running out like mad and is believed to run ouot in 2080? But think, will people now be thinking that what crude oil be replaced? Is this the only problem that is cutting our future generation? The more crazy the idea is the more timesyou think that it will happen. List down and write why so maybe here is the mind map of the future!

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Fossil fuels will probably be replaced by more than one alternative energy source. These will most likely include, advanced battery technology, improved renewable power sources such as tidal powered generators, more efficient solar panels and wind turbines. Maybe we will be able to develop highly advanced, 'dedicated energy search' computers which will be able to provide us with some of the answers. The international space exploration programmes may find recoverable energy producing minerals among the stars. ''Have to'' is a great master, and with the gun to the scientist's heads I'm sure their ingenuity will not be found lacking. Oh yes, we could always pray.

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ehanol or non conventional sources of energy


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To quote an otherwise fairly dumb comedian Daniel Tosh, "ethanol is a dream and a dumb one".

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i don't think ethanol is a dream, its reality and ofcourse its not a dumb one because it is eco-friendly

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Fusion using Hydrogen.

The best way is to have electric cars take over. The advertising has to be put out there to get people to make the big switch.