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Who's the murderer?

A, B, and C went together to a familiar restaurant. After a while there was a person dead in the restaurant and the murderer is either A,B or C. 
The police interviewed them, when they are finished being interviewed, the police knew who was the murderer. Here is what they said. 
A said he was ordering food.
B said he was asking directions to the bathroom.
C said he was getting a fork.
Who was the murderer and why was he the murderer?
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That's easy. B.

You should make things tougher than that, so the answer isn't in just a few simple premises.

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You are right.


Mint_tea(4382) Clarified
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OO really? How? What's the reason?

"Who" is the murderer. You gave us the answer in the title.

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I never did trust that band. They know way too much about putting on an eminence front. It's all just a put on.

24cb01(159) Disputed
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Sorry for that, but read the story it is either A, B or C

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A and B were both allegedly talking to someone at the time, either for directions to the bathroom or for ordering the food. C was the only one on his own.

This depends on whether or not A and B's stories check out.

Of course, the scenario not examined is whether Putin and Russia were involved in this somehow as some sort of hit.

zlUnreal(157) Disputed
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Why did you turn a riddle into something political?


Grenache(6103) Clarified
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I try to be ironic or funny. I don't always succeed. .......................................

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Nice logic.


BG36(1) Disputed
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It does not depend because he already stated it from the start

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Da answer be da who person. Who is da murderer. You says so in you last sentence two.

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He said they went to familiar restaurant means that they went to that restaurant several time and of course after going several time they know where the bathroom is after all that where you wash hand but 'B' said he was asking direction for Bathroom. So, he was lying