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-1 Downvoted Argument Rushing a coronavirus vaccine is a dangerous waste of money.
4 Added Argument This is what i think of Dummy Democrats
1 Added Argument Venezuelan Navy Vessel Sinks After Opening Fire on Cruise Ship
0 Added Argument Former Obama adviser predicts 'historical level' of turnout by Trump supporters
1 Added Argument Turns out Trump talked about efforts to stop Coronavirus in State of the Union
1 Added Argument United Nations Proposes New Global Currency
2 Added Argument Excon is obligated to read this all the way through and ponder it deeply
1 Added Argument Democrats what happened to Climate Chaos
0 Added Argument Leftist media is attempting to slow drip that Trump was spied on during pandemic
1 Added Argument Finland is told its welfare state can't cope with virus fallout
1 Added Argument Dem Admits They Block Legislation Because Don’t Want 2 Give President a Win
1 Added Argument What is the best fruit to use as catapult ammunition? (my answer is durian fruit)

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