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Yes its a waste!! Not a waste.
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Rushing a coronavirus vaccine is a dangerous waste of money.

New bill to fund the coronavirus.  $2B to the CDC,  $3B to NIH for vaccine creation.  And another $3.5B in other stuff.   Passes with 415 -2 in the house,   96 - 1 in the Senate.   Is this an over panic waste of money?

Yes its a waste!!

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Not a waste.

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The COVID-19 corona virus is the same family of virii that account for 15% of the common cold. This one has a mutation. And like the influenza virus, the corona virus mutates.

Trying to create a vaccine for something ever changing, is like playing whack-a-mole.

In addition vaccine safety is still an issue. This an overreactive and dangerous waste of money. Put the cash to prevention and treatments, rather than a magic bullet that will do more harm than good,

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I agree even WHO a few months had to admit there is in fact dangers with the vaccines. Also definitely not taking a vaccine made by Bill Gates who was best buds with Epstein and flew on his Lolita Express plane! Creepy bastard talking about forcing the vaccines on us and using a digital tattoo to identify people who got the vaccine!

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I would say it's probably a waste of money because viruses can mutate faster than you can do research and testing. But I wouldn't call it "dangerous" to try. What's the "danger" in trying to create a working vaccine?

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Great Question: What is the danger? The danger lies i the way that vaccines are currently developed and released. I argue 9and have an open debate waiting to be accepted). that the vaccines are not as sage as we think. The US government has paid out over $4B in vaccine injury claims to date. The FDA has approved vaccines with no safety testing at all (Gardasil-9). And because the government has a fixation on herd immunity, a "mandate" to get a covid-19 vaccine could very well be issued, forcing everyone to take an, at the very least, undertested drug.

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The international restrictions governing the introduction of new drugs for the treatment of humans are thorough and stringent and leave almost no room for error.

You've stated a false negative and like all doom-mongers have failed to provide any positive battle-plan to combat this Chinese plague.

What exactly is your proposed solution to the pandemic?

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"What exactly is your proposed solution to the pandemic?"

Listening to scientists and experts instead of hunches and making things up.

French study finds hydroxychloroquine doesn't help patients with coronavirus

Study of High-Dose Chloroquine For COVID-19 Stopped Early Due to Patient Deaths

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