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 This is what i think of Dummy Democrats (12)

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This is what i think of Dummy Democrats

Democrats if you cannot deal with that then the Lead Poisoning is gonna kill you before the Corona or Climate Chaos 
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Come on you Little Pig Squealing Democrats. What you got to say ?

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wow - such a sophisticated argument....

why are we not surprised?

Chinaman(3015) Clarified
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That goes out to the Bern and his supporters as you have proven you are but keep typing Socialist because you are going to get a war you cannot fight and like the pussy you are i can hear you squealing already.

I feel that way, anput both Parties. Show me one Democrat, or one Republican, that is true, to their respective Part platfrom.

ChickenBeer(250) Disputed
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Why the fuck is everything one or the other.

Why would you force a card carrier to have to abide by everything in their group

That's the problem with American politics. So binary.

Look at you Dana, your pro-Choice and Christian. That does not reconcile well with red states.

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I have done nothing wrong, and i don't have to defend myself. You have no right whatsoever, to demand anything from me, including, a defense. What I do, what I believe, and who i vote for, is none of your damn business. i am actually not a partisan person, so you can kiss, my lilly white ass, on that one. i don't think you know a fucking thing about politics, so do your homework, and get back to me. i will speak to you, when you know what the fuck you are saying, and not a moment, sooner. I don't think you know what a minarchist is, so look it up. You like other users on here, are a petulant partisan child, and you have the nerve to blame me. Go ahead, and have the last word, since that is all you care about anyway.

Chinaman(3015) Clarified
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Now this is a completely incoherent sentence and you typed it :I feel that way, anput both Parties.

People laugh at you Totally Confused Democrats

YIsRisenLord(1222) Clarified
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Splendid, but that's not a valid response. Do try again....................................