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RSS Gronk

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1 point

If church's preach politics, should they LOSE their tax exemption?

That'd be alot of Moslem mosques, black and brown Churches and Atheist churches losing funding. Are you sure?

1 point

If the police force was all black, they'd still be arresting mostly blacks to keep the peace.

1 point

Actually, to even use Trumps name with those others is kinda' mixing "origins and oranges". ;-)

You mean "Trump's name" you Neo Nazi white supremacist.

1 point

1)I'm not white, so there's that glaring error buddy.

2))I never mentioned black peoples' intelligence. You did. It was the first thing on your mind. It was you sitting there thinking blacks were stupid, not me. You did that buddy. It's rather sad that when I said, "We both know it wasn't humans' physical abilities that allowed them to dominate the planet." you thought black people aren't included under the term "humans". Isn't that sick buddy?

3)Absolutely no way to defend your bullshit, right nom burrito bullshit fungus? I'd ignore it and present no defense too. You should do that.

1 point

You're full of shit nom. We both know it wasn't humans' physical abilities that allowed them to dominate the planet. If humans had to survive solely on physical abilities, they'd go extinct in weeks. Nevermind that Africans in Africa don't have the physical abilities and body types of Western blacks who descended from slaves hand picked for their physical abilities. The Ethiopian track team's body type is nothing like the African Americans on the U.S. track teams' body type. STFU you retarded baboon.

-1 points

You've confused Trump supporters with Bush supporters. We already know the Bushes were globalist libs in sheeps' clothing.

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