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RSS Minimurph83

Reward Points:194
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10 most recent arguments.

Your first point means nothing so its not worth answering.

Errr im speaking about Christianity and its claim god made earth in 7 days feel free to disprove that?

Third point again not worth answering!!

Of course science proves thing you buffoon!! your ramblings are just another way of wording it, has science not proven what drugs can be used for different illnesses?? has science not proven what element the world and its universe are made of, has science not proven how the human body works errrr yep!! and again I could go on all night!!

I don't see any problem with the way I think and your words mean nothing and invoke no thought process what so ever!! I hope you don't see a problem with that.

he is still a pedo!..................................................

0 points

An unknown natural cause, is only unknown at present but will become know at some stage or point in time and again devalue any justification of god, just because something is unexplainable this doesn't give substance to religion, it only highlights how religion was concocted and used in times where there were many unknowns.

its no myth its all around you! its in front of you! its at your finger tips!

and reference to your link, it still takes intelligence to thrive and excel, if these other people were given the same geographical start would they of thrived as much as whites did? my personal opinion no they wouldn't of, Europeans found a way to thrive in there environment, it wasn't handed to them in an instruction book.

0 points

Blacks given a chance can succeed but it takes a white formed world to allow them to do that, they came from a country richer than any other in the world with resources but failed to achieve anything, only when the white man came along and took them from that land have they managed to achieve anything, and even in a world of opportunity many fail to adapt or excel held back by there genetic mental weakness.

And just because your president is Black has nothing to do with intelligence, he got in predominantly on the colour of his skin!

this proves absolutely nothing! its still a personal opinion, attempting to back it up with mathematical equations and theory's nothing solid or conclusive.

minimurph83(194) Clarified
1 point

of course, but why add another element, and religion is the biggest divider because of the brainwashing! the other elements are human nature.

The world would most defiantly be a better place without Religion, we divide ourselves by colour, gender, sexual orientation, location road, city country continent, etc.... religion is just another reason to be divided and gives reason and justification for acts of terrorism.

He was the founding father of all pedo's!! and created the Arab inside leg rub!!

2 points

Can I borrow your crystal ball? mine has stop working because its shows a Britain which is stronger and not restricted to just trading with just its neighbours and forging new trading relationships around the world.

Winning Position: White world

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