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 Huge decision: Basketball or Football(Soccer) (6)

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Huge decision: Basketball or Football(Soccer)

I play PG 6'0" basketball on D division at Europe, as some of you guys know sports and College are NOT RELATED here...I'm struggling a lot at school specially because Basketball requires a lot of thing to take over (shot tecniche, post moves, Gym, defense, run plays)so I basically train 5 days a week...don't have social life, barely see my family and friends...

On the other hand I used to play as a Goalkeeper (soccer) when I was little, I recently got an offer of a team interested in me to play soccer (of course its a lower level) and I'm I would have more time also because its not professional but still a higher level and still fun!

So one day I realise I'm 22 yo and I'm letting a important part of life slip away just for playing on a team, don't have time for college and meeting new people...I know the desicion its mine but I want some advise..

I like both sports

Should I leave the team to play soccer or should I reconsider my options?


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basketball is stupid and soccer is gay so neither if you want to play a real sport american football is the BEST

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Basketball as semi-pro dedicating almost entire time studying playing

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Soccer: more time to hang out, studying and still playing sport on a good level

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Continue to play basketball because one day you will make it into the pro leagues in America.

I think basketball is more exciting plus there is the March Madness spectacle.

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Basketball its better cuz its better paid...32 nba players are in the top 100 world highest paid athlets...only 9 from soccer and NBA teams are more valuble too...Basketball is more popular in the greatest country in the world USA, nobody cares bout the rest of the yea basketball way better than soccer......but football is better than both