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Does today's education really has any value?

In today's world people who can mug up information and can remember until the exams are over are the intelligent ones and the ones who can't remember until then are the idiots.what are you opinions?
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Not particularly. Especially when the system favors keeping all kids on the same level, either to spare those that need additional help or to make it easier for the teachers, I'm not sure which. We need to clear up the idea that being weak in one area means you are weak all doesn't. Some may need more help in Math or English, others may not. Holding student who are gifted back because the majority aren't just makes the gifted student bored and denies them the ability to get better and students who need help in certain areas shouldn't be embarrassed to get additional assistance.

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I agree with you but I'm not discussing that topic .My opinion is that today's education system is more memory centric than hands on experience .I mean today's education is all about mugging up without understanding where it is used or even if it is used.There no clear idea behind education these days.Everyone just studies to clear the exams without even knowing what they are studying.And it's a proven fact that people forget 95% of what they studied after post is education really important just for passing exams and has no actual value in real life