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1 point

I think it would be remarkably difficult to find evidence that would stand up to scientific standards. Faith and religion are more personal experience or taught beliefs than they are empirical evidence for existence.

Gods such as the Roman or Greek gods fit niches that were designed for them. Superstitions and lack of scientific study would typically create a God or deity that would explain phenomena that we now have causes for, such as thunder and lightening. Often times the worship of a deity was used to initially bring people together for a greater purpose, especially during times of hardship and turmoil. What we now know the reasons to, many times people would assume was the act of a God, such as a flood or rainbow or plague. I think belief is just that, it's belief.

1 point

And addressing rape....

There are many orphanage homes so you donot have an excuse.

What the hell kinda nonsense is that statement?

It's bad enough to have your body so violated, to have someone force themselves inside you over and over again with no regard to your pain or pleas to stop...but then to then be forced to give birth to the child you didn't want, that constant reminder that your body is STILL not your own? It takes a sick mind to completely bypass the victim because they feel self-righteous in their "cause". Your complete disregard of what a woman has to go through with rape is....I mean it's utterly astounding. I sincerely hope that you didn't mean to sound that indifferent to rape victims.

Mint_tea(696) Clarified
1 point

That is so true, but we do have it in our capacity to help others.

I hope we become more peaceful in a little less time than that though. :D

1 point

I'm sorry for the dispute. Why do we blame God for this? Why not blame humanity, which allows this to happen? We can stop children from starving to death, we are working to cure malaria and cancer. Believe in Him or not, there are a few things that people love to blame God for which humanity has the power to fix itself.

Again, it's not so much a dispute, more a question.

1 point

I'll save the first question for the last response and try to answer as best I can.

Is it because He allows their ice cream cone to stay frozen longer on a hot summers day?


Is it because He kisses their boo boos and makes the pain go away?


Is it because He gave them an extra lolly pop to replace the last one ?


Or is it because he loves perverts ?


Why do so many people love God ?

Because we believe there is something greater than all of us. I understand a lot of religious people rub others the wrong way, just like someone of any belief system or non-belief can. There may be no proof that you would accept, there may even be questions that we don't have answer for. You may call it following something blindly and for some it seems that way. It doesn't matter. Religion and the belief in God is deeply personal for a vast majority. What I've experienced in my life and what I believe causes me to know God's existence. Other may just want to believe that there is something else beyond this life other than dirt and worms. The belief I have in God is different than the one a few others on this site preach and honestly for that I'm thankful.

1 point

No Christian who believes in God's love would ever think He would laugh at someone who doesn't believe in Him. It's very sad that you have such a malicious glee at the thought of someone suffering, not only that but you think He does too. That's very telling of your character. You can hide behind your bans all you want, that will never make you right.

Mint_tea(696) Clarified
1 point

Well now you're just a heathen.

Mint_tea(696) Clarified
1 point

Oh now that's just crazy. Everyone knows the Flying Spaghetti Monster's appendages are noodly. What kind of wack-a-doodle would think otherwise?

Mint_tea(696) Clarified
1 point

Well I think it's the color of moon beams.

1 point

Quick question though, if it's invisible how does one know the color?

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