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RSS Mint_tea

Reward Points:995
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1 point

Say a school loses 50% of its students. The building is already there, the cost to maintain it is still going to be there. If they lose the money they lose the school. Simple. So what about the parents whose children went to the school that closed? How much more money do parents, some of whom couldn't afford the higher end schools, have to shell out? What teachers are going to stay? Will they need more government assistance? Where do the students go when the school is forced to close?

1 point

In this, I know exactly what I'm talking about. You just don't like it that someone called you out for bad behavior, maybe that's why you don't understand it.

Anyways, this is a moot point in a debate that has nothing to do religion. Moving on.

1 point

They do not believe in the God that I believe in, yet they have shown more caring and acceptance for others than you have in this site.

1 point

You speak only for what you disagree with personally.

1 point

I said they ACT more Christian. Not they are Christian nor that they represent God. Simply that they act more Christian than you, a so called "christian". So you tell me. Where exactly did I say that they represent God?

1 point

Nope. You made the accusation You think witches represent God

So you show me where I said that.

1 point

Disagreed. It says more about you when people who deny God as being THE God act more Christian than you have shown on this site.

1 point

You think witches represent God

Where did I say that? Show me.

1 point

Anyone who thinks homosexuality is a mental disorder must first believe that heterosexuality is a choice as well.

3 points

"Modern Day Feminism". Well....Feminism started out pretty ok. But now, alot of women want to remove themselves from feminism because the movement has become almost militant in feminine superiority. We want equality for both genders, not a dominance for one.

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Winning Position: Contributes to a culture.
Winning Position: Yes!!! Move on.
Winning Position: I do have some
Winning Position: It's a sultry vixen or bitch.
Tied Positions: Grill? No way. vs. Grill. All the way.

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