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RSS Mint_tea

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-1 points

There is absolutely nothing that shows Gods message in this utterly ludicrous statement. As a Christian, I would never want this or think it would be beneficial to anyone nor would it represent the teachings of Jesus.

1 point

If it's something personal and important like a birthday card or love note for valentines day or would send it before the date expected.

2 points

Maybe it's a generational thing but there is nothing personalized by a typed message. Anyone could have typed it, and unless you draw the meme yourself, you are putting forth the least amount of effort and thus there is nothing special about it.

1 point

Yes, it is a question where the answer is unnecessary. Usually the person asking the question doesn't desire an answer or explanation.

2 points

Sure. There are millions upon millions of people who still use it. Of course some things are sent by email but not all can be, birthday cards with checks, get well cards, legal notices.... When someone takes the time to actually write a card to someone they care about, it adds something special to it.

1 point

You're just trying so hard, aren't you. Bless your heart. It's ok if you're a Democrat, you don't need to hide it.

1 point

So you're a Democrat? Funny, I never pegged you for one but I guess it makes sense. I think your faith is misplaced, either that or you are still blaming everyone else.

1 point

Why don't we?

I know most people will say "But it's God, God can do anything".

I guess it depends on if you believe in free will. But regardless of who believes what, why don't we stop evil?

1 point

No. Each person reacts to being bullied differently. Not everyone becomes stronger for it, some will just shrink into themselves and won't be as confidant as they may have been before. On the flip side, some may rise above it. But that's never guaranteed.

1 point

Bummer. I'd kinda hoped it would have worked. Still unsure why it did it.

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Winning Position: They might pull through!
Winning Position: Not a chance.
Winning Position: Contributes to a culture.
Winning Position: Yes!!! Move on.
Winning Position: I do have some
Winning Position: It's a sultry vixen or bitch.
Tied Positions: Grill? No way. vs. Grill. All the way.

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