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RSS Mint_tea

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You don't need an assault rifle to hunt and if you do you're just a crappy hunter.

1 point

That sounds like a great thing, more debating and less bitching.

1 point

Oh wow so many to choose from.

I love:

Dark Crystal


Earth Girls Are Easy (SUCH a cheesy movie but cute)

Phantom of the Opera

Most of the Marvel movies

Meet me in St. Louis

Singing in the Rain

I feel like there are a few more and there may be some that others post and I'm like OH YEAH I do like that one a lot too...but for now....I think this is good.

2 points

I haven't watched it yet, I wait til it comes out on Netflix so I can binge that puppy. I'm still a season behind on Arrow is so busy!

1 point

I'm fairly partial to 80's and 90s but I think that's because that's what I grew up with.

2 points

Pissing off liberals.....isn't a well thought out reason why Trump should stay for a second term.

1 point

Well, yeah. A man should have an opinion just as much as a woman should have an opinion.

1 point

At one point in time it may have been. Right now? No. I don't think it is. Now it's dependent on who is capable of working their butts off to be a better employee with an added bonus to minorities who are hired regardless of experience and ability to make an employer look better.

1 point

I would say that I can not trust something that has shown that its main interest is in self preservation and not the better of all. If Congress can vote to increase it's pay raise.....there is a problem. It our government has shown that time and time again it can be bought, there is a problem.

2 points

Outlaw, this is the second time you've referred to my child as such in a conversation with nothing to do about I don't know what you've done with your "vacation" from this site but it certainly wasn't to better yourself. If you think calling a child retarded makes you seem like anything other than a fool and a crap person, you're a tad touched in the head yourself.

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Winning Position: Yes, they need a way to relax.
Winning Position: Let's celebrate some good!
Winning Position: Yes, absolutely.
Winning Position: Sure, free speech and all
Winning Position: Is it really divine to forgive? And where would you draw the line?
Winning Position: No way.

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