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RSS Mint_tea

Reward Points:2341
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Mint_tea(2341) Clarified
1 point

What is your opinion on the situation I presented?

To torture innocence is wrong, but if it's to protect or save someone do you think it could be justified, specifically if it's a child?

Mint_tea(2341) Clarified
1 point

It's ok. Don't be sorry, I just wanted to clarify.

As much as it IS wrong, and again, I'm not arguing that torture is right, but what gave us that right?

Let me put it another way.

I am against torture, as I've said. But if someone took one of my kids hostage and I found the person and not my kid, does my desperate desire to get my child back get superseded by the kidnappers rights if I try to hurt them to get information? Who gave the kidnapper those rights to begin with?

1 point

Making a mistake doesn't reduce it to a faultless situation. A synonym to mistake is, in fact, fault.

The definition of fault as a verb is:



criticize for inadequacy or mistakes.

Once we acknowledge a mistake was made, we can take steps to correct it.

1 point

Who said you couldn't? Cuaroc does it so those who are banned by FW for disagreeing with him can have a debate, there's nothing saying you can't.

1 point

LOL, nice. I don't know if it's as comforting to me though.....

1 point

You dodged again. If, as you say, the President isn't swearing to God, then why would you be up in arms if he/she swears upon the constitution since that is what they are upholding?

I'll answer it for you since you are hiding.

You have no answer. You just want things your way like a two year old and don't have the courage to simply say it means more to YOU that the President swears upon the Bible than it means to others. If you had at least admitted it was more a response in feeling than it was in logic I'd have more respect for you. Instead you pull this nonsense of ad hominem attacks and cries to ignore then stomp off to your corner. Feel free to come out when you are ready to actually debate. I'm not banning you even though you refuse to directly answer any questions or attempts at an adult conversation.

2 points

Would a condom be considered a silencer at that point?

1 point

As always you dodged the question. Try answer it for once instead of hiding behind "ignore".

Mint_tea(2341) Clarified
3 points

I know how frustrating that is. There is one on here that does that quite often, short of calling him out on it there isn't much one can do about it other than ignore or try to clarify as best you can so that others know what you mean while not trying to deliberately misrepresent what they say either. You may not be able to clear it up enough for them but for everyone else you can try.

Mint_tea(2341) Clarified
1 point

Yes, there are some. But nearly all of Americans agree or lean on the Constitution, so would you have an issue with the President swearing upon the constitution as opposed to the Bible since that is what he/she will be upholding? And why?

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