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RSS Mint_tea

Reward Points:4063
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Believe me, you aren't missing much being banned from his debates. They are all full of repetitive manure and hypocrisy.

1 point

That is utterly rich coming from someone who repeatedly gets my beliefs and political ideals, wrong. He has so much fun twisting the positions of anyone who ISN'T a die hard Conservative it has to be a game to him now.

Mint_tea(4063) Clarified
1 point

I've never once fallen back on "because God/Jesus says it's ok" as an argument.

1 point

I think mental healthcare now a days is more evolved than it's ever been and is continuing to improve. Even up to 30 years ago anyone with a mental disorder was either labeled insane (often criminally so) or schizophrenic. Now we have a better grasp on the multitude of mental disorders. Yes we still have a ways to go, and sometimes the easiest solution involving pills isn't the BEST solution but our understanding of what and how are better known.

1 point

Don't apologize for having a political stance, it's fine. If you're going to be Independent, be Independent. Be Liberal if you are, be Republican if you are and so on, just keep your mind open and your sources for information varied. Don't let other's speak for you and above all, you take care of you.

2 points

Girl, you and I may have our differences but I hope you get the help you need. Keep on going. Babysteps if you need to but just, keep on going.

0 points

Never admit the obvious and always argue over things I never said.

You're confused. That should me my line to you. Usually with an added statement of, "always dodging the questions."

1 point

And you're using the same of tired response that reeks of ignorance.

Pedophiles get a bum rap because their victim can't give consent. This shouldn't be that difficult an idea to grasp.

You want to think that accepting someone's choice to be who they are without hurting anyone else is an "anything goes" culture? Interesting.

1 point

Comparing alcoholism to transgenders just shows how little you know about transgenders. Alcoholism is a choice, it's hard to free yourself of it but you became it through choice. Being gay isn't. No one wakes up one day and decides to be gay for shits and giggles. So again, when is the last time you spoke to a transgender or even a homosexual and actually listened to them?

1 point

How are they "forcing their perversions" on you?

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Winning Position: Do you know what two consenting adults of sound mind, means?
Winning Position: No way in hell.
Winning Position: Yes, it should be.
Winning Position: 50% works.
Winning Position: She sang the lyrics.

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