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 Personally anti Slavery but pro choice for slave owners. Sounds like Abortion choicers. (5)

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Personally anti Slavery but pro choice for slave owners. Sounds like Abortion choicers.

Back in the days of Slavery, they had people who thought just like those supporting Abortion today. People today say they are personally pro life but pro choice for everyone else.
I hope 100 years from now we will look back on this time of killing our unborn Babies, as another dark time in our history, as we did with Slavery.
Back then there were people who would never personally own or kill a Slave, but believed others had the right and "CHOICE" to do so. Sound familiar?
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Do you sound like the people on the other side of the slave issue, or are you making horrible arguments that are hurting your cause?

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If you can't the simple anaology and meaning of this argument, then what can I say.... WOW!

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You are the one who is trying to convince the country that abortion is wrong. If you can't grasp my statement you will be forever a failure.

Yes, the Slaves were the victims as are our unborn Babies. It's amazing what a people are capable of doing in the name of convienence and money.

Slave owners used slaves to get their free labor, while many Pro choice people support abortion as a means to reduce the numbers of minorities (Blacks being one of those minorities) who they believe might end on on social programs. Sounds like racism is still part of our culture but it's done in less obvious ways.

It's all about money and our culture puts money ahead of life just as they did in the time of slavery.

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The victim of slavery is forced to experience it.