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Would the US invade a country that couldn't pay for it?

No oil? You're safe!


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I wouldn't put it past us. The people, that want wars, profit regardless of who we invade, because they are in-league with defense contractors.

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The invasion of Panama didn't pay for itself. Neither did our sponsorship of guerrilla wars in Nicaragua, and Afghanistan. Our military involvement in Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, and Angola never paid for themselves.

Our our actions in other countries are generally not rewarded in a direct monetary way. The reward is the preservation of our imperial system. It's about preservation of power and not money.

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I think there is little doubt that the US empire will invade, destroy and occupy any nation it sees fit. I am unaware of any war the has paid for itself or has come even close to paying for itself. The 'war on terror' is being financed with debt and inflation and will continue to be financed in this way. The only money to made in modern war is by war contractors not the nations involved.

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If we review the Nazi war machine, we notice that at the beginning of the war, they were, literally, quite broke, however after some aggressive policies, were able to fill their coffers with Polish and Czech gold, from which they expanded further to plunder French treasuries and the like, so if America wants war, debt wont stop her.

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I don't think the US is getting reimbursed for its expenses in Iraq. Somebody is making money, though.

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Considering our past, I would say that the answer is a very obvious "Yes."

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No, but the UN might.

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There are many war zones riven with humanitarian nightmares which the US is conspicuously absent from. The fact is, every war offers the US government a means to:

1) Strengthen the party's hold on power.

2) Reduce the power of the American citizen to influence those who govern her.

3) Secure vital natural resources e.g. oil, gas, ore etc.

4) Move more of the public purse into the hands of the captains of industry.

5) Raise taxes.

6) Control and influence a larger section of the world's population.

7) Atomise society by inculcating fear to reduce the threat of revolution.

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